I know this post may offend some of you, but I honestly don’t care. If it bothers you, don’t read it.

I am a firm believer in the power of prayer. With my back issues last year, I know just what it can do. Initially I had a fairly speedy recovery, then even my first setback wasn’t horrible. The only time my back started to cause severe pain after the initial accident was over Christmas break when I had the means to lay around and recover, and eventually consider the surgery that saved me from all that pain. I know that the only reason I did so well was because I had so many people praying for my recovery. Now my best friend’s dad is in need, so I felt it was only fair to pay it forward and hopefully, make some kind of impact on his recovery.

When Rae told me her dad was getting surgery on Friday, I knew the issue was serious. I asked her to write a short description that I could forward on to my grandma to share with her prayer group. Now I feel the need to post it on here, so that you may all understand the severity of his problem.

Quick anatomy lesson for you.

“My dad has had neck pain since he was in highschool due to an accident. He had surgery to correct the problem before, but now the pain has flared back up again so badly that it has forced him to to turn back to yet another operation. Although he’s getting up there in age (he will be 71 in December) he has always been active with golf and different social groups. But over the past month the pain has gotten so bad that he has had to give up all of his regular activities. The surgery will consist of fusing together most of the vertebrates in his neck. The surgery is pretty risky, and even if everything turns out well, he will still never regain the mobility from his cervical spine. On top of this problem, there is something even more pressing… When they x-rayed his neck the doctors noticed a bone spur that was pushing on his esophagus. The spur needs to be removed before it grows big enough to inhibit his breathing, but the problem is, is that if they try to remove the spur, there is a chance that he will never be able to swallow again. in that case they would have to put in a permanent feeding tube, and I just cannot bare the thought of that for my dad, he’s just too young for that.

Sorry, I know I’m rambling, I just need to get it all off my chest. Last time my dad had a similar neck surgery done the doctor thought he had nicked a nerve and accidentally paralyzed my dad. This operation just holds so much risk, and its killing me to watch him go through this. He is my rock, absolutely my everything and I dont have a clue what I’ll do if something goes wrong.

His surgery will be at noon this Friday.”

So please, keep Rae’s dad, Ray, in your prayers and thoughts. Send all the positive vibes, karma, whatever you want, his way that you can.

Lesson for the Day: If you send positivity out into the universe, it will come back to you.


Here’s one of my pet peeves, I’m sure you’d agree. Think of yourself, sitting in your college class, the professor is talking, encouraging dialogue. Some people respond, some people don’t. Then there is that one person, that one person who thinks they are a gift from God and should enlighten the rest of us. The one who cuts people off to correct them.

Me to this girl: STFU!

I feel bad having these feelings. The way she gets so excited about every point makes me think, is there something off about her? I don’t think she’s “special”, no I think she’s a Sheldon type. For those of you who don’t know, Sheldon Cooper is the super genius, but painfully socially retarded nerd off of Big Bang Theory. This again proves that while I love his character, I could never stand to be around him. This girl clearly knows her shit. She’s got this philosophy class down. But it’s her hand gestures and snarky open mouthed smile as she makes her proclamations that drive me nuts. I can’t count how many times I’ve watched her gaping mouth turn to and fro, looking for reactions to her statement from the rest of the class. Everything she says, is with a smile you can hear in her voice.

Speaking of BBT, this class makes me feel like Penny. Everything just surges over my head. It doesn’t really, I’m sure if I thought about it more deeply, read a bit more, and really truly focused, I would understand. But by the time I get to this class, I’m exhausted. So everyone else appears to be a super genius with their insightful commentary, and then there’s me… “I don’t get it”. But not even that, I just simply don’t speak.

Lesson for the Day: It’s good to talk in class, just don’t be rude like Obama and Mitt last night, cutting each other off to try and look smarter than everyone else.

Sinus infections, my oh my, you are the bane of my existence.

At one point in my life, I could stay up until 4 AM, wake up two hours later at 6 AM, and was able to stay awake throughout an entire day of school. Not only was I fully functioning, but I was relatively healthy. I say relatively because that sleep schedule can never be considered healthy. But my point is, I would never get sick.

Around the time my ex and I started dating, my immune system decided I was SOL and on my own to defend myself. No longer could I stay up until the early hours of the day. Those days are long gone. Now I am a fragile girl who gets sick whenever she doesn’t sleep enough. Being a college student, that’s 99% of the time. I’ve been fending off this sickness for the past three weeks, maybe even more. Sadly, last weekend I pushed my limits and now here I am, sick as a dog. My throat feels swollen, my nose is runny, I have a major headache. But most importantly, the best part is my husky smoker’s voice that comes on whenever I get a sinus infection now.

This is the Neti Pot. The nurse recommended I get one and try it. Apparently, they’ve lead to brain eating bacteria. So… I’ll pass.

The past few hours I have been in class, suffering through my day. In speech, I silently rejoiced as I discovered that I somehow managed to get a 95% on a speech. As my photography professor critiqued my photos this morning, I could barely manage to whisper responses to his questions. Sociology came around, finally a class that requires me to do zero talking. After class, I croaked out my excuses to my mom, looking for a reason to skip philosophy class so I could escape to my cozy warm bed. Sadly, I instead forced myself to go and now here I am, whining away to anonymous readers of the interwebs.

Don’t worry, I’m not forgetting to mention the fact that I’ve almost entirely stopped updating this blog. Is it weird that now that I’m entirely content with my life I no longer feel the need to blog so regularly? That and I now finally have a full course load.

Lesson for the Day: I suck at blogging, I promise I’ll try and do better.

Real Lesson for the Day: Get sleep, it’s one of the most basic and easy things you can do to lead a healthier lifestyle.

To top it off, I saw a double rainbow this weekend.

I’ve completely fallen behind on this whole blog thing… oops! Let’s try and play catch up, okay?

This past month at school has been amazing. I am in an apartment with my own bathroom. I love my roommates. I love my roommate’s affectionate little boxer. Every week since I have been here has been so much fun. I’ve made new friends and deepened friendships with old friends. I really can’t remember a time that I felt so light weight and carefree. This is the happiest I can remember myself being.

Before I thought Paul was what I needed to be happy, but it turns out he is the one who was pulling me down. Without him, I’m not stressed out anymore. I just go day by day and do as I please.

I think another reason I’ve been so happy lately is because I have stopped saying no. When someone asks me to hang out or do something, even if I’d usually say no, I say yes. I go along with it and put myself out there. We have all heard, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone” and you know what, it’s true. Saying yes and letting out my inner weirdo has been so great. Going to cardio dance, I learn all kinds of new moves. Do I look cool doing them? Hell no. Do I have fun doing them? Oh my GOD, yes! I’m no longer afraid to look stupid when my friends and I go dancing. I let out all my lame moves. Of course, a little liquid courage doesn’t help. I feel like all these factors have also helped boost my confidence. I feel myself getting stronger, more comfortable with myself, I see my body slimming down, I feel better, I’m enjoying life so much more.

Basically, I couldn’t be happier than I am today. Well, maybe if it was a solid 70 degrees out instead of the high 50’s. But besides that, I love it.

Lesson for the Day: Be yourself. Be true to you. Go outside your comfort zone and just live. It’s okay to be silly. It’s okay to let yourself go. That’s how you’ll be happy.

Next Sunday, I’ll be heading back to my second home. There I am sure I’ll have much more time to write and much more to write about. This is my home that’s untainted by family or ex-boyfriend drama. Or so I thought, turns out my ex is going to be that much more of a douche and try to claim my college town for his. Though the lazy mofo couldn’t even manage a transfer application. So now, let’s hope and pray that he’s respectful of me and my new home and stays a good distance away. I’m always the slower of the two to recover from break ups, so I’m still working on it, while he’s been over it for a month or more now. Bleck.

So my first step? Deactivating my FB for a few days. That way I don’t have to see pictures of him with a girl I almost lived with last year, flooding my newsfeed.

I’m taking a step back, focusing on me. I need to get back in my motivational workout stage again. So basically, I just need to go to school. Get out of this area, focus on me time. Let’s hope this works.

Lesson for the Day: More fun stories coming once I get back to school. I’m too lazy to write during the summer.

I said I would post about last Friday on Sunday. Hah. It’s now Tuesday and no post. To be honest, I have too much to do today so I’m not sure when I’ll write it. Maybe tonight? Maybe in a few days? I just wanted to acknowledge that I had lied, and for that I am sorry.

When I’m 19 and you are 8 years older than me, you might as well look like this.

Well. Last night was one for the books. Not in a good way. Not at all. No, this was one of those nights that taught me some valuable lessons. I’ll share them with you before I go into the main topic of this post.

1) Don’t ever go somewhere unless you have a secured way to get home, ex. your car.

2) If a significantly older man is hitting on you, you should lie and say you’re a lot younger than you are. That way, he feels like a pedophile and hopefully, that will stop his advances.

3) Don’t ever rely on anyone else when they will be drinking. It’s just a bad idea.

4) Don’t be afraid to look like a baby. Ex. I wanted to go home, so I feigned extreme nausea and fatigue.

That’s all for now.

She’s not quite so bold.

Onto more important matters… Cheaters. I don’t get it. I’ve never understood how you could cheat on someone, particularly someone you love. I’ve been cheated on by all two of my exes. Have I ever ventured that way? Nope. Sure, long distance relationships are hard. Sometimes your mind wanders and considers what it’d be like. The thing for me is I could never go from imagining to making it a reality. Why would you want to hurt someone you care about that deeply? How is it even worth it to risk them? Of course, my friend last night was thinking that her boyfriend who lives states away wouldn’t ever find out. And unless she gets a guilty conscience, he won’t. It’s just shocking to me how casual cheating has become to some people. Not only was my friend cheating on her boyfriend, but the guy she cheated with was also cheating on his girlfriend. I’m not sure why I was so driven to write this post. Basically, it really bothers me when people cheat, particularly when they get away with it. The worst is when people play mind games with themselves, making up reasons why it’s not so bad. Like my friend for instance. She told me on the way there (I’m writing a post on this tomorrow, don’t worry) that because she doesn’t get enough attention from her dad and her boyfriend being so far away, she finds she needs to flirt with guys to get that attention. So basically, she was saying, if I flirt with Tom (her ex and the one who took her virginity four years ago) don’t worry about it, I won’t go further. Well, her inside out tank top told me otherwise.

Now that I feel like I’m just bitching, I’m going to end this. I just think that it’s a shame how little value people put on sex (of any kind) these days. I also think that if you’re going to cheat, just own it. Don’t act like you’re a good Christian or anything like that. Don’t say you didn’t mean to, because no matter how much you drink, you still know what’s right and what’s wrong (excluding if you black out, I’ve never experienced that but it sounds horrible). I think people just like to blame the alcohol because they can’t own up to it and say it’s what they selfishly wanted to do.

Lesson for the Day: If you’re cheating on someone, you probably don’t love them as much as you think you do.