Roommate Entries

So, I searched “packed full car” and this came up… I couldn’t help myself. This will be Bemis next fall.

Packing up my car today, I realized the true meaning of bittersweet. Last night was my last ever sleeping in Eggers, in a dorm, in a room shared with someone else. This morning, I easily said my goodbyes to the communal showers and the various stalls. I was a bit sadder to say goodbye to Ms. Kathy, our lovely cleaning lady. Every day for the past ten months, she would park her cart right outside our door (we were literally two steps from the bathroom) and if ever I walked out, she would apologize profusely for having her stuff in my way. She was always smiling and a wonderfully positive way to start off my days. Sadly, I couldn’t find her to say goodbye in person, so I left a note. Then I said my goodbyes to the girls in my photography class. The six of us have been in the same class for the last two semesters, and I was saddened today when I found out that not all of us will be taking the same classes in the fall. Then I said goodbye to my favorite RA and a girl on my floor. Judy and I had said our goodbyes early on. Even that was oddly sad. I won’t miss being her roommate, but we did have some good times together.

While there is a lot I’m excited to leave behind, it is still sad. That was my little home for some time, not perfect, not the nicest, but it was mine. Goodbye Eggers Hall. I’ll never forget you.

Anyways, I’m home now. Let the adventures begin!

Lesson for the Day: Even those places you think you’ll never miss can become a soft spot for you, cherish every moment you get.


A photo I took of Rae posing with my medium format, twin lens.

So my mind hasn’t been functioning properly at all lately. When I start thinking about everything I need to get done, I get a pain in my forehead, widen my eyes, then continue my day. It’s completely subconscious. I don’t mean to do it at all, it’s just what I do when I get stressed. On top of the mounting stress as the end of the semester looms dangerously close ahead, I keep forgetting little things.

When I went to shoot with my medium format camera last week, I forgot my film. So back up the elevator I went and grabbed it. Then when I got to the location, I pulled out my DSLR to find out the shutter speed and exposure I’ll need. That is when I realized, oh yeah, my memory card is in my other camera. Thankfully, I’ve been in the photo program long enough to be able to guesstimate what exposures would work with my long shutter speeds.

On a more positive note, things with Judy are still improving! I am completely shocked and don’t really believe that this is a permanent change, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. I think the reason for her sudden kindness has a lot to do with her attitude about herself. Last semester, at the epitome of her bitchdom, she was lonely, out of shape, and overall, lazy. Now, she has friends she regularly hangs out with, she goes to the gym almost nightly to pump iron with her possibly lesbian friend (perhaps another reason she’s happier?! a lesbian lover?!), and actually tries to sleep more normal hours, meaning she actually gets up in the mornings. We are still two very different people, but the living situation is no longer shitty.

No matter how things have been with Judy, I am very happy to have today and tomorrow off from classes so I can enjoy this long weekend at home. I don’t have to go back to reality until Wednesday, and I only have one class then anyways.

Lesson for the Day: Always be willing to change your opinion of someone, never write them off completely. You never know when they’ll surprise you.

How Judy spends her weekends... on the bed, on Tumblr.

Anyone who has read my blog before knows that I don’t get along with my roommate too well. Here’s something surprising. She seems to be improving. I think that now that she is making more friends, their positivity and happiness is rubbing off on her. No, she doesn’t go out on the weekends. But that’s her choice. She’s starting to seem to be really trying to get along with me. The other day, she was going to watch a movie in our room with her friend and then when I came back she said they could watch it somewhere else. I told her I didn’t care, I would just be researching. She asked me at least two more times if I was sure it was okay.

At least our showers aren't this bad...

Even more shocking than her new attempts to be nice was last night. Let me give  you a bit of history, the girls on our floor are disgusting creatures. They leave clumps of hair on the shower walls, tampons in the toilet (turning the water red), and piling tons of their trash into the communal bathroom trash can (meant for feminine products). Every weekend, we are out of toilet paper by late Saturday or early Sunday morning. It’s just all disgusting. This past Friday, I walked into the bathroom to find someone had put an entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet. Wasteful and gross. Then I come back Sunday morning to find someone shit on top of the toilet paper. Not flushable, of course. Meaning, this would be a job for Ms. Kathy, our sweet 70-something cleaning lady. Not okay. To make matters worse, by Sunday night we had a leaning tower of Pisa forming out of our trash can. Another job for Ms. Kathy. So as I am sitting on my laptop, working on a paper, I see Judy hop up and go to the bathroom. A few seconds later I hear the trash bags moving and see her emptying the trash. Yes, she had a negative attitude about the girls we live with (“look at the kinda people we fucking live with”) but she did a good deed.

This is nothing compared to last nights pile.

Lesson for the Day: Never write someone off completely. You never know when they will surprise you.

Today, I have come up with the perfect nickname for Judy. The Ruiner. I feel it describes her perfectly.

She ruins my positive moods with her bitchy remarks.

She ruins my sleep with her bright lights and incessant clicking.

She ruins my sense of smell by painting her nails EVERY DAY.

She ruins my nail polish collection by always using my stuff.

She ruins my extra sleep by waking up and being loud as hell.

She ruins my afternoons and nights by napping, leaving me in darkness and silence.

She ruins our room by never ever cleaning herself, though she always says “don’t worry, I’ll fix this”.

She ruins my days by moaning ALL THE TIME. WTF.

Every sip of a drink, moan. Every bite of food, moan. Every EFFIN’ BREATH, moan.

She ruins what should be perfect, wonderful days of having the room to myself….

Aka Judy.

Like today. Today, my photography class was cancelled. I knew this a week ago. I also knew that Wednesday was one of the days she had five classes. Woo! Sleeping in and the room to myself. Ah but wait, I woke up at 11 (far after her first class) to the sound of her voice outside our door. She didn’t go to class. No, she’s just on Facebook. I don’t get it. Every time I get real excited about her going to class, she doesn’t. My classes are never cancelled and so I was even more excited. But instead of sleeping til I woke up, I slept til her loud ass voice woke me up. I also have a pounding headache. Yay! Fun day already. So now instead of my plan to workout in my room, shower, and try curling my hair, I will be showering and getting the hell outta here. Why won’t I curl my hair? Oh because this lovely roommate of mine always has commentary. And something certain people in my life don’t realize is I don’t like commentary. If I want your opinion, I will ask you. I want to learn on my own, I don’t want Judy to try and teach me. OH, freakin’ joy of joys! I hear her tapping her nail polish loudly.

I hate my life. I hate my roommate. How many days til May 11?!

Lesson for the Day: Don’t be a ruiner.


At least if she looked like this it would mean she had been doing something useful with her life.

This is the third time in a row she has skipped this class. And various times before that. All she does is sleep, sleep, and more sleep. Then she goes to the gym and acts like a boss for lifting weights in her man outfit. Well done, you work out. But you’re not doing what you came to school to do!!! It is so frustrating. I hate not turning the light on or having music playing midday! So guess what? I’m going to hop in the shower, then afterwards, shit’s gonna be loud. I will do my passive aggressive shit and slam stuff around. I am so damn pathetic. But seriously, what am I gonna do? Tell her she can’t sleep anymore? It’s ridiculous. She went to bed almost an hour before me, yet I was up at 8:15 getting ready for class. WTF.

Lesson for the Day: Don’t be a lazy pig. It’s really annoying.

This is a more valid excuse to skip class than staying up on FB.

Here’s the thing… you go to college to learn, to prepare for your future, to learn to be independent, and in some cases, to party.

But here’s what I don’t get… what’s the point of wasting your money away on college if you don’t ever go to class and don’t party either. Usually, people fall on either of the two extremes or find balance in the middle. I can see skipping classes because you party too much. I can see not going to parties because you study a lot. But I don’t see why you would go to college to skip class, hang out in the library, and never go to a party. And guess what? That’s Judy for you.

Today is Thursday, that means that she has one class today. It’s the same way on Tuesdays. This Tuesday was the first time I skipped my nine o’clock class. I was exhausted and couldn’t possibly dragged myself out fo bed. Then I got up, showered, and dressed before Judy even thought about getting out of bed. When her class started at eleven and it was already past ten. Suddenly, the monster arises and asks to watch Boy Meets World until she has to get ready. I say that’s fine and she turns it on. After a few minutes, she turns it off. I assumed to get ready. But no. Instead she grabbed her laptop and sat in her bed. I left the room after eleven. She was still there.

HAH. Now you can match this guy. Yeah, you're cool.

Coming back from my class this morning, I hoped and prayed I would find our door locked. But to no avail. She was passed out in her bed, still. Much after eleven. The best part is how butch she looks. Haha. Sounds mean, but she thinks tie dye is the shit. She has tie dye socks, shirts, and now boxers. Yes, Judy and her friend with questionably short, spiky hair went to Walmart and bought mens tank tops (aka not attractive in the slightest) and boxers then proceeded to tie dye them. Can I again re-state how good I am with gay people? I don’t want to come across as a homophobe. I would just rather people be honest. If you’re gay, SAY SO. I’d like to know that I shouldn’t be changing in front of you. I would also like to stay for the record, the only people other than hippies out in the fields with this love of tie dye is my mom’s good friend from nursing school and her partner. I love love love Annette. She forced alcohol down my mom’s throat quite literally, danced her ass off on the beach to the Steve Miller band, and has the raspiest voice of anyone you’ll ever meet.

THIS is what I foresee in Judy's future.

Wah, there was another bunny trail. I guess that’s why I called this my ramblings? Hah. So I’ll get down to the point.  I can’t stand how Judy acts like I never leave the room or puts me down for my lesser course load (again, due to SURGERY bitch), when she can’t get her lazy ass up for ONE class at eleven. Might I also mention how she can’t even clean up her side?? Clothes are always overflowing from her laundry basket onto the floor, used tissues galore, and random empty bottles crowd her desk. Yes, it’s great you’re going to the gym more. But guess what? That’s not what college is for. Ackk, I am starting a countdown until I move out. Whenever I move out, I’m tempted to give her the link to my blog.

Lesson for the Day: College is for school. Not for sleeping all the time. If you’re gonna go to college and waste it, stop having your parents pay at least. They shouldn’t be going into possible debt to let your lazy ass stay up all night on Facebook and Tumblr.

How do you say goodbye to this face?! (Picture courtesy of one of my wonderful friends)

Yesterday was the big day. I packed up my bags, kissed Bemis on the head, and waved goodbye to my family as I headed back to school, my tiny dorm, communal showers, and Judy. While I assumed starting classes again might be a tad tiring, I didn’t think I would be this stressed out.

Let me explain… When I figured out that I would actually be getting the surgery, I had to e-mail the Dean of Students. Of course, he was non-responsive and left me to figure out the best way to communicate with my professors. Three out of five answered and were a big help, one never deemed me worthy of a response, and one basically said “fuck off”. I chose to drop the last two. The former professor’s class was known to be difficult and missing two weeks could make me fail anyways. The latter was just a conceited prick, making the thought of enduring his class sound less fun than a paper cut in the eye (which I will let you know has happened to be). After I e-mailed my professors, copying the Dean of Students as I did so, was when he reached out to help. I informed him of my dropping two classes and nothing was said.

Fast forward to last night… I’m carrying in bag after bag, random item after random item, all by myself. My parents had been willing to help, but I knew they had enough to do at home and after Judy’s nice text over break about working on being better friends, I assumed I’d have some sort of help. Yes, I did bring a lot of bags. Mostly because all I had were a bunch of tiny bags. Partially because I took way too much stuff home, including my comforter that fit into its own garbage bag. During one of my trips back to my car, I stopped to say hi to one of my friends who happens to be an RA. She tells me how she’s stressed out, and I make a joke about my nine hours. She stops. Apparently, my nine hours keeps me from being a full-time student and therefore, could majorly impact my housing. WTF. Why didn’t anyone feel like mentioning this to me beforehand?! Yes, I knew nine hours was a slacker load. However, it’s not my fault they didn’t want to work with the cripple. Also, my mom and grandma both spent a ton of time telling me I shouldn’t push it due to my recent surgery. I planned to take a CLEP exam to keep up hours anyways, though.

Go to Google Images. Type in stress. Laugh your ass off.

So now, here I sit… waiting on the oh so helpful Dean of Students to reply to my e-mail. Otherwise, I’m showing up at his office tomorrow. Sometimes, it’s really hard to keep my head up and focus on the positives. Guess I’ll start looking for another class. Oh yeah, that requires a late-add form… which involves the mother effin’ DEAN OF STUDENTS.

Oh, and did I mention how Judy took it upon herself to mock me and my nine hours, within probably two hours of me being back in the dorm. Not only did she not help me, the girl who recently had disc material sucked out of her back, but she had to let me know she was better than me because she’s taking seventeen credit hours. Whoop-di-fuckin-dee. Can someone please explain to her that she’s healthyy?! And that unfortunately, I have the back of a seventy year old?!?! All of her bitchiness in the past 24 hours led to a historic event. My mother used the c-word for the very first time. I do believe it was much deserved.

Lesson for the Day: Sometimes life sucks. Just find a bright side. For example, I walked into the lobby to see a list of students in our building who got above a 3.5 GPA last semester. I saw my name, but not Judy’s. HAH.