Monthly Archives: January 2013

I’m reading this book right now and I’m kind of obsessing over it. I really can’t put it down. Anyways, everyone should go read Jonathan Tropper’s The Book of Joe.

ImageAt first, it seems like a sarcastic and witty faux memoir.Then all the sudden, he gets deep on you and next thing you know you’re sitting in your bed at 1 AM bawling your eyes out, wiping your snot covered face on a ratty old tee shirt, and considering the struggles your family has been through. If someone had said this book was gonna make me cry, I would have laughed at them. And yet here I am, still crying after a solid 20 min crying session. I’m still trying to convince myself to pick up the book and read the final pages, but I don’t know if I’m mentally up to it yet.

Lesson for the Day: Crying is good for you. It allows you to get out all sorts of feelings, some you never even knew you had. It’s therapeutic, healing release. Just get some Aleve for that killer headache afterwards.