‘Tis The Season

Since I’ve royally sucked at updating these past few months, I felt it was the least I could do to make a post as a shitty little Christmas present for you few followers I have.

4EverAloneHere’s a miniature update on my life. Everything is the same – I’m still in love with my bulldog, still loving my major, my back is fine as can be, and I’m still tragically single as can be. When I drink, I’ve taken to calling out “Forever Alone” and so now my roommates have taken to showing me every single cat related thing they can find. Yes, I am the cat lady. The cat lady who does not like cats. Not in the least. At least this cat lady is semi-smart. Smart enough to get on the Dean’s List, hollahh!

Anyways, a majority of these past few months have just been me confused. Confused about how the hell I’m gonna pass Philosophy (I did, phew!), how I’m gonna impress my photography professor (I did… once), how I’m gonna find a new boytoy (I did, for like two days, then he left and went back home), who I’m going to live with next year (with four other lovely ladies, woot woot!), and most importantly, how to get my current roommate to BUY SOME FUCKIN COOKIE DOUGH.

The most confusing was probably the boy. Big shock there. I met a really cute guy at a party. We made out. Rare moment for me. He asked me out. Then bam, never ever met up with him. I saw him one other time, a party, and we made out. Same thing happened again. Whatevs. Then my best friend and elementary school crush drives a whopping seven hours to come spend the weekend with me. I’m dreaming up all the fun things we can do, and the first night he’s there he pukes all over my floor. However, excessive cuddling and a hook up later, I’m having actual feelings for the kid?! Things I thought were left behind in early adolescence. For a few weeks after, I get a plethora of texts of the “I miss you”, “I reallyyyy like you”, “I can’t wait to see you again” variety. Then all the sudden, baby mama drama ensues. Yeah, I forgot to mention, this kid has a two year old. (Perhaps posting this is poor judgement on my part, this could really be used against him… I guess I’ll decide later) Basically, baby mama didn’t know he came to visit me and the transactions that listed my random ass mountain town kinda confirmed it, despite what he and I told her. Anddddd, since then I have not received one normal text from him. Dah fuq?! Now I’m in his state and am 99.99999999% sure I will not be seeing him. All because of this bullshit. I’m frustrated to say the least.

On a more positive note, I went to a party with all the kids from my high school last week. Whilst partying away, Rae got a little tired. Per her instructions, I walked her down to her large and in charge green mini van, tucked her in, and returned to the party. This is where the night gets fuzzy. What I thought happened over the span of 45 minutes, Paul claims took over two hours. Anyways, basically I got two free shots and a beer out of socializing with some guys who graduated before me. As I was talking to them, this guy from my graduating class walks up. Now this kid, this kid was the guy all the girls had a crush on at some point. He was in every sport, he was ripped, and he was in my AP Gov class so not that dumb. During my sophomore year of high school, he had a mildly creepy obsession with my hair that spread to the rest of the guys in school. But I never thought he really noticed me. Wrong. I ended up making out with him for a bit, then he grabbed my hand and led me around wherever he was going. No, this isn’t like he’s being shady taking me somewhere to shag. This is like he was going next door to get something real quick and took me along. The only shameful part of this for me was the fact that a majority of the people at the party saw, including my ex’s best friend. My ex was there, but apparently didn’t see, just heard after. So basically, go me for making out with a high school crush. Got that checked off my bucket list.

If Jess can be forever alone, so can I.

If Jess can be forever alone, so can I.

But anyways, I can’t think of anything else and I really should be working on my Christmas presents. Shit. Fuck. Damn. I SUCK! Oh well, clearly I can ramble on and on so I’m set.


Lesson for the Day: Be careful who you kiss, you don’t wanna end up with a herpe!


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