Hush, Please.

Here’s one of my pet peeves, I’m sure you’d agree. Think of yourself, sitting in your college class, the professor is talking, encouraging dialogue. Some people respond, some people don’t. Then there is that one person, that one person who thinks they are a gift from God and should enlighten the rest of us. The one who cuts people off to correct them.

Me to this girl: STFU!

I feel bad having these feelings. The way she gets so excited about every point makes me think, is there something off about her? I don’t think she’s “special”, no I think she’s a Sheldon type. For those of you who don’t know, Sheldon Cooper is the super genius, but painfully socially retarded nerd off of Big Bang Theory. This again proves that while I love his character, I could never stand to be around him. This girl clearly knows her shit. She’s got this philosophy class down. But it’s her hand gestures and snarky open mouthed smile as she makes her proclamations that drive me nuts. I can’t count how many times I’ve watched her gaping mouth turn to and fro, looking for reactions to her statement from the rest of the class. Everything she says, is with a smile you can hear in her voice.

Speaking of BBT, this class makes me feel like Penny. Everything just surges over my head. It doesn’t really, I’m sure if I thought about it more deeply, read a bit more, and really truly focused, I would understand. But by the time I get to this class, I’m exhausted. So everyone else appears to be a super genius with their insightful commentary, and then there’s me… “I don’t get it”. But not even that, I just simply don’t speak.

Lesson for the Day: It’s good to talk in class, just don’t be rude like Obama and Mitt last night, cutting each other off to try and look smarter than everyone else.

  1. Raunak said:

    and the worst is if one of those smart alecs becomes your team member….nothing more bugging than that.
    fortunately, I was always the quiet one.
    nice post there 🙂

    • Thank you! Fortunately, I sit on the opposite side of the room for her so there’s no way our professor would stick us together… at least, I hope not!

      • Raunak said:

        it happened with me one time while i was in columbia…when I couldn’t stand her anymore…i just flew away to colorado and feigned sickness 🙂 left her and her smartness to complete the group work!

      • Hahaha. Sounds like an excellent plan (:

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