Monthly Archives: August 2012

Next Sunday, I’ll be heading back to my second home. There I am sure I’ll have much more time to write and much more to write about. This is my home that’s untainted by family or ex-boyfriend drama. Or so I thought, turns out my ex is going to be that much more of a douche and try to claim my college town for his. Though the lazy mofo couldn’t even manage a transfer application. So now, let’s hope and pray that he’s respectful of me and my new home and stays a good distance away. I’m always the slower of the two to recover from break ups, so I’m still working on it, while he’s been over it for a month or more now. Bleck.

So my first step? Deactivating my FB for a few days. That way I don’t have to see pictures of him with a girl I almost lived with last year, flooding my newsfeed.

I’m taking a step back, focusing on me. I need to get back in my motivational workout stage again. So basically, I just need to go to school. Get out of this area, focus on me time. Let’s hope this works.

Lesson for the Day: More fun stories coming once I get back to school. I’m too lazy to write during the summer.