Cheater, Cheater.

When I’m 19 and you are 8 years older than me, you might as well look like this.

Well. Last night was one for the books. Not in a good way. Not at all. No, this was one of those nights that taught me some valuable lessons. I’ll share them with you before I go into the main topic of this post.

1) Don’t ever go somewhere unless you have a secured way to get home, ex. your car.

2) If a significantly older man is hitting on you, you should lie and say you’re a lot younger than you are. That way, he feels like a pedophile and hopefully, that will stop his advances.

3) Don’t ever rely on anyone else when they will be drinking. It’s just a bad idea.

4) Don’t be afraid to look like a baby. Ex. I wanted to go home, so I feigned extreme nausea and fatigue.

That’s all for now.

She’s not quite so bold.

Onto more important matters… Cheaters. I don’t get it. I’ve never understood how you could cheat on someone, particularly someone you love. I’ve been cheated on by all two of my exes. Have I ever ventured that way? Nope. Sure, long distance relationships are hard. Sometimes your mind wanders and considers what it’d be like. The thing for me is I could never go from imagining to making it a reality. Why would you want to hurt someone you care about that deeply? How is it even worth it to risk them? Of course, my friend last night was thinking that her boyfriend who lives states away wouldn’t ever find out. And unless she gets a guilty conscience, he won’t. It’s just shocking to me how casual cheating has become to some people. Not only was my friend cheating on her boyfriend, but the guy she cheated with was also cheating on his girlfriend. I’m not sure why I was so driven to write this post. Basically, it really bothers me when people cheat, particularly when they get away with it. The worst is when people play mind games with themselves, making up reasons why it’s not so bad. Like my friend for instance. She told me on the way there (I’m writing a post on this tomorrow, don’t worry) that because she doesn’t get enough attention from her dad and her boyfriend being so far away, she finds she needs to flirt with guys to get that attention. So basically, she was saying, if I flirt with Tom (her ex and the one who took her virginity four years ago) don’t worry about it, I won’t go further. Well, her inside out tank top told me otherwise.

Now that I feel like I’m just bitching, I’m going to end this. I just think that it’s a shame how little value people put on sex (of any kind) these days. I also think that if you’re going to cheat, just own it. Don’t act like you’re a good Christian or anything like that. Don’t say you didn’t mean to, because no matter how much you drink, you still know what’s right and what’s wrong (excluding if you black out, I’ve never experienced that but it sounds horrible). I think people just like to blame the alcohol because they can’t own up to it and say it’s what they selfishly wanted to do.

Lesson for the Day: If you’re cheating on someone, you probably don’t love them as much as you think you do.


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