Mommy Dearest.

This is the real deal, my baby girl.

Sometimes I really feel like I am getting a taste of parenthood with my English bulldog, Bemis. It is 5:48 as I start this post. I don’t have to wake up for two and a half hours. I’ve been trying to get Bemis to sleep with me in my room so that she is more bonded with me than my mom, that way this fall she won’t be so sad to go to school with me. However, this hasn’t done great things for my sleep habits. She always seems to get diarrhea whenever she sleeps with me. Finally after enough rice, her problems were fixed and everything was fine. The only issue then was how in her sleep and mine, she’d spread out and I’d be on the other side of my bed. Not a big deal.

Well tonight it was storming. She was freaking out. Though to be honest, I don’t remember how she kept waking me up because she wasn’t being loud. I have that sleep amnesia where I know I was up, but not what happened. That was around 2:30 AM. Then around 5:30 I was awakened by a horrendous stench. Yep, she had shit not once, but twice. Off to the crate for her, and down to get cleaning supplies for me. Right now, I have some incense burning in hopes of covering up the smell so I can get those last two hours of sleep. Let’s hope it works or all those customers I’ll have tomorrow will get forgetful me serving them.

Lesson for the Day: Take your time becoming a parent. From what I’ve learned having a puppy as a child, it’s much much harder than it looks. (Though you don’t have to worry about your child flying in people’s faces biting them…)


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