A Life of Constant Nausea.

Dearest readers, I live a life of constant nausea. And trust me, I am not pregnant.

I doubt the excessive number of people around helped ease my oncoming panic attack…

Although I am not quite sure when all of this began, it’s been going on for a while now. I don’t really understand what it means is wrong with my body. You see, a few years ago I went to NYC for the first time with my mom, brother, cousins, and uncle. My uncle, Rick, was really excited about taking us to this great Italian restaurant. So after a long day of riding into the city, seeing Phantom on Broadway, exploring the shops around Times Square, we found ourselves standing outside the restaurant. They told us that there was an hour wait. I freaked. This was my first panic attack. I think Rick thought I was being a little brat, whining around about wanting to go get a bagel next door. I ended up on the street outside, calling my dad and best friend crying. Not sure what was wrong with me but I was freaked out. This was when I learned that if I didn’t eat at regular intervals, shit gets bad. Since then, I’ve learned that if I don’t eat for a long period of time, I start to shake and get nauseous. However, most of the time when I eat I get nauseous after (particularly those great microwaveable meals I had been eating at school this year).

Instead of actually throwing up, I sit like this for hours on end.

The thing about me and nausea is this, I don’t ever throw up. I can’t make myself throw up. It’s literally impossible. I’ve tried the good ole finger down your throat, but I end up with my finger near the front of my mouth crying. I don’t get it, but I’ve come to accept it’s who I am. That’s why when I went to college we bought the largest bottle of Pepto we could find.

This brings me to the issue at hand. This past Tuesday, I found out that in addition to azithromycin and amoxicilian, I am now allergic to omnicef. As the doctor said, the top three upper respiratory antibiotics are now out for me. So I’m stuck with doxycycline right now. Guess what? You have to take doxycycline on an empty stomach. So either thirty minutes before eating or two hours after and then right before bed. Did I mention I can’t not eat when I wake up? I’m the person who wakes up, brushes their teeth, then eats… immediately. So this morning, I got up, took my pill, hopped in the shower. Come back down, my mom is making eggs but they aren’t nearly ready yet. I go upstairs and try to get ready, but am soon overcome with nausea. When my mom said food was ready, I quickly headed down. That’s when it happened. I still have my cough, but as I was walking the cough was particularly strong. I swear to you, had I not controlled it, I would’ve projectile vomited all over my floor.

So now, instead of being the good Christian girl I wanted to be going to church today, I am laying in bed praying to God that this nausea will cease and desist so I can make it to my friend’s going away party. Maybe I should invest in a seasickness bracelet to help prevent nausea… Hmm…

Oh Google, you always know what to do!

Also, if you have any advice as to why I’m nauseous so often, please feel free to comment. Or if you have any ideas on things to write about, I’m always open to it! It’s summer, so I’m losing my drive to write.

Lesson of the Day: Don’t be allergic to stuff, it makes life easier. Hah. If only we could control it!

  1. Hey, I seriously hope you find a “cure” to this or something soon!
    That all sounds horrible, and I know that I’M the kind of person who needs to eat at regular intervals, too, so I feel your pain. Seriously, ask my mom. If I’m cranky, the first question she’ll ask will be, “Are you hungry?” and the answer will inevitably be yes! (I don’t tell HER that, though. 😉 )
    I’ll be praying for you, hon! Just take care of yourself and maybe things will get better! 🙂

    • Thank you! I appreciate the prayers, they’re what got me through my herniated disc issues. Also, I’m glad I’m not the only one who suffers when they don’t eat normally (:
      I don’t blame you, because there are just certain times when I hate that my mom is right. Especially now that I’m all “independent” and what not.

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