So, I searched “packed full car” and this came up… I couldn’t help myself. This will be Bemis next fall.

Packing up my car today, I realized the true meaning of bittersweet. Last night was my last ever sleeping in Eggers, in a dorm, in a room shared with someone else. This morning, I easily said my goodbyes to the communal showers and the various stalls. I was a bit sadder to say goodbye to Ms. Kathy, our lovely cleaning lady. Every day for the past ten months, she would park her cart right outside our door (we were literally two steps from the bathroom) and if ever I walked out, she would apologize profusely for having her stuff in my way. She was always smiling and a wonderfully positive way to start off my days. Sadly, I couldn’t find her to say goodbye in person, so I left a note. Then I said my goodbyes to the girls in my photography class. The six of us have been in the same class for the last two semesters, and I was saddened today when I found out that not all of us will be taking the same classes in the fall. Then I said goodbye to my favorite RA and a girl on my floor. Judy and I had said our goodbyes early on. Even that was oddly sad. I won’t miss being her roommate, but we did have some good times together.

While there is a lot I’m excited to leave behind, it is still sad. That was my little home for some time, not perfect, not the nicest, but it was mine. Goodbye Eggers Hall. I’ll never forget you.

Anyways, I’m home now. Let the adventures begin!

Lesson for the Day: Even those places you think you’ll never miss can become a soft spot for you, cherish every moment you get.


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