Cinco de Mayo.

Picture this, but not so fancy.

Today, as I am sure everyone knows, is Cinco de Mayo.

My university was smart enough to plan our reading day today. Hah. I wonder how that will work out. Today, I plan to indulge in anything and everything Mexican style. I’ll be heading over to my friend Sarah’s for dinner to enjoy tacos and margaritas. Afterwards, we will be heading to what has been entitled, “YOLO: Shitshow de Mayo”. Here’s a brief description from the event page…


“beepers and the address will be posted the day of.
NO parking is allowed. in fact, the driveway will be blocked. ain’t no po-po comin’ tonight!
menu: 4 tubs of PJ, jello shots galore, BYOB if you want to get craycray.

I think this party looks more fun.

We can’t wait. The whole purpose of this is to celebrate the leader of the Class of 2015’s graduation, Project X-style. I never actually saw the movie, but I saw plenty of previews. So between now and dinner, it is gonna be kind of hard to convince myself to be production. But I do have a lot to do, finals and all. I have a take home essay, then two online exams. The second one, though, I need to look up extra info for to add into my notes. I will be going to the beach on the 13th, as long as all goes according to plan, so being a 19-year old girl and all, I need to work on my beach body.

Last night, my mom and her friend came up to help move the big things out of my dorm, so it is a bizarre feeling. I’m living in a shell, with very few cozy aspects besides my posters I forgot to take down. They had to take my special mattress we purchased last semester for my herniated discs, leaving me with the plain old dorm mattress. Problem is, I bought an eggshell cover for my dorm mattress so it wouldn’t suck so bad, but when I got my new mattress, I let Judy have it to add to her own. So right now, I’m in hell. My back hasn’t hurt this bad in months. I have decided that dorm mattresses alone would destroy anyone’s back. I was planning on heading home Thursday, but now it’ll definitely be Wednesday.

I would also like to mention that Judy, miss know it all, made it a point to say that Mexicans don’t even celebrate Cinco de Mayo. She’s like, “Everyone thinks it’s like their independence day but it’s not.” Thankfully, I paid attention in Spanish and told her, “It’s not their independence day, but it was the date of a very important battle…” So HAH! Suck it, I know more.

Almost the exact picture the FB page boasted….

Update: The “Yolo: Shitshow de Mayo” was a failure, at least in my eyes. Basically, it was the kind of situation that only someone who was wasted would enjoy. By the time I arrived, all the PJ was gone as were the jello shots. People didn’t understand the concept of how to move through a crowd, so I had to push my way through. Then as I ventured downstairs with Sarah to check out the dance floor, the temperature rose twenty degrees in we could see there was no dancing, just sweating bodies touching. Too many people in a small house. No thank you. Plus, as I went inside to find Maggy, I made the mistake of breathing in. This resulted in the same cough that has only ever come from my few times smoking pot. Within twenty minutes of our arrival, Sarah and I were at the bottom of the hill waiting for our beeper to take us back.

Lesson for the Day: Don’t put too much pressure on one night.


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