I Hate My Life.

I wrote a few lengthy paragraphs about visiting Paul at Western Carolina this weekend, and my stupid computer said “invalid request” when I tried to post it. So I went to copy my tags, then clicked to open a new tab, but it opened the freakin’ page. Therefore losing all my work and saving one freakin’ sentence in the draft. Now I have to go back and re-write it, knowing that it will never be as good as what I just wrote.

Lesson for the Day: Rain sucks and so does WordPress today.

  1. Tracy said:

    such a good writer; great voice. I sat here reading one post after the other — straight through. You should consider journalism/writing as a profession. You definitely “got it,” for sure. (Love the “lesson of the day”). God grant you courage and relief of your pain.

    • Thank you so much! Your encouragement really means a lot; I wasn’t sure what response I was looking for when I started this, but I kept going anyways. People like you make me feel validated in doing so. I am studying photography, but I have considered photojournalism. Thanks again, my pain has greatly reduced since the surgery (assuming you’re talking about my back issues).

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