I am so very excited about the weekend ahead. It is going to be jam-packed and crazy, expensive thanks to gas guzzling Jeep, but worth it for sure! Let’s do a quick run down….

"If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball."

Thursday: My first class of the day is cancelled. Hallelujah! I’m so exhausted all the time, in fact I just woke up from a nap, so sleeping in should get me over my sickness finally! Then I may not even have to go to my afternoon class since my professor had surgery over the weekend and cancelled every class but mine on Tuesday. Later on, my good friend, Rae, will be arriving and we will be joining girls from my photography class in a dodgeball fundraiser. I suck at anything sports-related so it’s bound to be a good time. Afterwards, we are going with my friend Sarah to get her first tattoo (which is making me want to get mine more and more), and possibly going out dancing afterwards.

Friday: Friday is 4/20. If you don’t know what that means, then I can’t help you. I’m not a big smoker, but I was invited to go out and watch the sunrise over the Parkway, so I just might get up and go. I’m trying to be a “yes girl”, as my mom would say. Around noon, Rae and I will be heading to Paul’s college, Eastern, to hang out before we go to the concert. Which concert? Oh… you know, Say Anything. I couldn’t be more excited to see Max Bemis again. Yeah, Bemis. Notice that’s my dogs name? Haha. Especially in one of the biggest hippie towns. Then back to Eastern for the night (not sure how easy it will be to find Paul though). Basically, I’m pretty sure whether or not I choose to partake in the 420 celebrations, I’ll be in places where I’m highly likely to get a contact buzz.

This is what came to mind when I read that text...

Saturday: Saturday is 4/21, aka Paul and I’s two year anniversary. No, we are not technically back together, but we are now in that lovely “talking” phase and either way, it’s a special day for us because last year he was in Cancun on our anniversary. Not sure what else is planned for Saturday, except for when I asked Paul if we were going somewhere where I could dance, he said, ” Yes, we are going to a hippy party”. So… should be interesting…

Lesson for the Day: Don’t give in and listen to songs like, “Call Me Maybe” just because you see a video of Katy Perry and friends dancing and lip synching to it. Because, guess what? It’ll get stuck in your head and you’ll be singing a barely mediocre song.


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