Sick Of Being Sick.

These bitches....

So two weeks ago, I noticed I was getting sick. Since I was home, I went to CVS’ Minute Clinic, got all checked out, told her my z-pack allergy, and was handed a prescription for amoxicillin. I got on my antibiotic and voila, on my way to recovery. Then on Friday of last week, I noticed something strange. What had appeared to before have been zits on my neck (gross, right?) were turning into a more defined shape… a rash. Fanfuckintastic. Another rash, possibly another drug allergy. Keep in mind, amoxicillin is in a completely different drug family than a z-pack is. My mom says I can go to Minute Clinic again, but until then should keep on with the antibiotic. I never got the chance to stop in, but I kept on with the pills. Sadly for me, when I came back to school this Tuesday, I grabbed the wrong pill bottle. Therefore missing my last dosage.

So guess what? I woke up this morning to the sensation that my throat has almost closed up. Oh joy of joys! Immediately, I get up, bust out the airborne, and take three vitamin c’s. I am so sick of being sick, it’s ridiculous. Now, since it’s only 9 am and I don’t have any Friday classes, I will head back to bed to sleep my day away and hopefully wake up a new woman.

Oh and did I mention my cartilage piercing is hurting worse than usual now? And I can tell it’s still swollen up. The lady who pierced my nose told me a few months ago that I’d soon be in the clear, but I’m not seeing that happen any time soon.

Lesson for the Day: Take pills as prescribed. When you need to see a doctor, see a doctor.


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