Brain Freeze.

A photo I took of Rae posing with my medium format, twin lens.

So my mind hasn’t been functioning properly at all lately. When I start thinking about everything I need to get done, I get a pain in my forehead, widen my eyes, then continue my day. It’s completely subconscious. I don’t mean to do it at all, it’s just what I do when I get stressed. On top of the mounting stress as the end of the semester looms dangerously close ahead, I keep forgetting little things.

When I went to shoot with my medium format camera last week, I forgot my film. So back up the elevator I went and grabbed it. Then when I got to the location, I pulled out my DSLR to find out the shutter speed and exposure I’ll need. That is when I realized, oh yeah, my memory card is in my other camera. Thankfully, I’ve been in the photo program long enough to be able to guesstimate what exposures would work with my long shutter speeds.

On a more positive note, things with Judy are still improving! I am completely shocked and don’t really believe that this is a permanent change, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. I think the reason for her sudden kindness has a lot to do with her attitude about herself. Last semester, at the epitome of her bitchdom, she was lonely, out of shape, and overall, lazy. Now, she has friends she regularly hangs out with, she goes to the gym almost nightly to pump iron with her possibly lesbian friend (perhaps another reason she’s happier?! a lesbian lover?!), and actually tries to sleep more normal hours, meaning she actually gets up in the mornings. We are still two very different people, but the living situation is no longer shitty.

No matter how things have been with Judy, I am very happy to have today and tomorrow off from classes so I can enjoy this long weekend at home. I don’t have to go back to reality until Wednesday, and I only have one class then anyways.

Lesson for the Day: Always be willing to change your opinion of someone, never write them off completely. You never know when they’ll surprise you.


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