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After visiting Western Carolina, I completely understand why everyone there is a stoner.

Literally, half the houses I saw were like this... minus the tree.

My road trip in and of itself was testament enough to why drugs are a reasonable choice there. I headed out, Rae following close behind, unaware of what to expect. First my GPS led us into a more run down section of Boone. Then as we headed towards and then past Grandfather Mountain, things got sketchier. Before long, we were in Pisgah National Forest, terrifying and beautiful all at the same time. The lush forest surrounded us as we drove around neck breaking curves, some other drivers did not feel the need to slow down around curves but instead swing out and almost hit drivers like me. Although beautiful, the road through Pisgah was so winding, I was dying to get out. My neck and thighs were actually sore from being tensed up for so long. After Pisgah came a long, flat plain. Good, I thought, no more curves. Wrong. It was creepy. For every one house that was clearly lived in, there were twenty abandoned houses. Everywhere I looked there was rust and caved in roofs. People kept their cows and horses in their front yard. That wasn’t scary but it just showed the kind of rednecks that lived there. The whole time, I was calling Rae to say “WTF” to everything we passed. Then of course, I lost service for a good chunk of time, also very reassuring. The sketchiest thing I saw, however, came later as we headed once more into a wooded area. There in between dense woods and what looked like a ranch home, something caught my eye. What was it? Oh, obviously it makes total sense to have a water slide the likes of which one only sees in water parks just chilling there in the woods. It was huge, and not to mention incredibly rusted. Weirdest part was I didn’t see the pool where it was supposed to end. Soon after the sketch ass slide, we arrived in a town. This little town is the kind where you picture people living back in the late 20’s, early 30’s… cute or reminiscent of the town in House of Wax, whichever you prefer. I, of course, thought creepy and chose to wait to stop until we came upon real civilization.

Oh, Sylva. Stop being so exciting.

Finally, we arrived in Sylva. Sylva is the town next to Cullowhee, where Western Carolina is located. Since I barely remember anything from my tour of Western, I assumed that meant we were seconds away from campus. Wrong again. As I drove through Sylva, I tried to look around and see what there was to do. There were a lot of auto shops and fast food places, a CVS, a Walmart, but not a lot to do. And this is the big exciting town for Western students to go to… A ten minute drive took me to Cullowhee, which I found out is only the college with three shops that are “off” campus but basically on it. Like, there is nothing there. I don’t know what someone would do if they didn’t have a car. Even with a car, I’d still be dying of boredom. The only reason I enjoyed myself was because I was with Paul.

In Boone, we have places in walking distance like Char, where you can go dance and such.

You see, what I’m used to in Boone is being able to walk off campus into downtown on Kings Street, without fear of being raped, murdered, or mugged. Rae goes to UNC-Greensboro, so it was a real shock to her that we were safe walking at night. There are plenty of little stores and restaurants downtown. Then if you go down 421 or 321, there are more places to go. Like Walmart, a movie theatre, frozen yogurt places, etc. On top of all that, there are tons of places to hike or camp and we are close to Wilkesboro, which also has a lot of stuff to do.

So basically, if you go to Western and don’t drink or do drugs… well I just can’t comprehend how you survive. I was there on 4/20 and all of Paul’s friends were on a solid high from 2 pm until probably 2 am or later. It’s just how it is.

Lesson for the Day: Go to school in walking distance of a town that actually has stuff to do so you don’t have to waste your life away on drugs.

Should you choose to ignore my advice, get used to your eyes looking like this.


I wrote a few lengthy paragraphs about visiting Paul at Western Carolina this weekend, and my stupid computer said “invalid request” when I tried to post it. So I went to copy my tags, then clicked to open a new tab, but it opened the freakin’ page. Therefore losing all my work and saving one freakin’ sentence in the draft. Now I have to go back and re-write it, knowing that it will never be as good as what I just wrote.

Lesson for the Day: Rain sucks and so does WordPress today.

I am so very excited about the weekend ahead. It is going to be jam-packed and crazy, expensive thanks to gas guzzling Jeep, but worth it for sure! Let’s do a quick run down….

"If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball."

Thursday: My first class of the day is cancelled. Hallelujah! I’m so exhausted all the time, in fact I just woke up from a nap, so sleeping in should get me over my sickness finally! Then I may not even have to go to my afternoon class since my professor had surgery over the weekend and cancelled every class but mine on Tuesday. Later on, my good friend, Rae, will be arriving and we will be joining girls from my photography class in a dodgeball fundraiser. I suck at anything sports-related so it’s bound to be a good time. Afterwards, we are going with my friend Sarah to get her first tattoo (which is making me want to get mine more and more), and possibly going out dancing afterwards.

Friday: Friday is 4/20. If you don’t know what that means, then I can’t help you. I’m not a big smoker, but I was invited to go out and watch the sunrise over the Parkway, so I just might get up and go. I’m trying to be a “yes girl”, as my mom would say. Around noon, Rae and I will be heading to Paul’s college, Eastern, to hang out before we go to the concert. Which concert? Oh… you know, Say Anything. I couldn’t be more excited to see Max Bemis again. Yeah, Bemis. Notice that’s my dogs name? Haha. Especially in one of the biggest hippie towns. Then back to Eastern for the night (not sure how easy it will be to find Paul though). Basically, I’m pretty sure whether or not I choose to partake in the 420 celebrations, I’ll be in places where I’m highly likely to get a contact buzz.

This is what came to mind when I read that text...

Saturday: Saturday is 4/21, aka Paul and I’s two year anniversary. No, we are not technically back together, but we are now in that lovely “talking” phase and either way, it’s a special day for us because last year he was in Cancun on our anniversary. Not sure what else is planned for Saturday, except for when I asked Paul if we were going somewhere where I could dance, he said, ” Yes, we are going to a hippy party”. So… should be interesting…

Lesson for the Day: Don’t give in and listen to songs like, “Call Me Maybe” just because you see a video of Katy Perry and friends dancing and lip synching to it. Because, guess what? It’ll get stuck in your head and you’ll be singing a barely mediocre song.

These bitches....

So two weeks ago, I noticed I was getting sick. Since I was home, I went to CVS’ Minute Clinic, got all checked out, told her my z-pack allergy, and was handed a prescription for amoxicillin. I got on my antibiotic and voila, on my way to recovery. Then on Friday of last week, I noticed something strange. What had appeared to before have been zits on my neck (gross, right?) were turning into a more defined shape… a rash. Fanfuckintastic. Another rash, possibly another drug allergy. Keep in mind, amoxicillin is in a completely different drug family than a z-pack is. My mom says I can go to Minute Clinic again, but until then should keep on with the antibiotic. I never got the chance to stop in, but I kept on with the pills. Sadly for me, when I came back to school this Tuesday, I grabbed the wrong pill bottle. Therefore missing my last dosage.

So guess what? I woke up this morning to the sensation that my throat has almost closed up. Oh joy of joys! Immediately, I get up, bust out the airborne, and take three vitamin c’s. I am so sick of being sick, it’s ridiculous. Now, since it’s only 9 am and I don’t have any Friday classes, I will head back to bed to sleep my day away and hopefully wake up a new woman.

Oh and did I mention my cartilage piercing is hurting worse than usual now? And I can tell it’s still swollen up. The lady who pierced my nose told me a few months ago that I’d soon be in the clear, but I’m not seeing that happen any time soon.

Lesson for the Day: Take pills as prescribed. When you need to see a doctor, see a doctor.

A photo I took of Rae posing with my medium format, twin lens.

So my mind hasn’t been functioning properly at all lately. When I start thinking about everything I need to get done, I get a pain in my forehead, widen my eyes, then continue my day. It’s completely subconscious. I don’t mean to do it at all, it’s just what I do when I get stressed. On top of the mounting stress as the end of the semester looms dangerously close ahead, I keep forgetting little things.

When I went to shoot with my medium format camera last week, I forgot my film. So back up the elevator I went and grabbed it. Then when I got to the location, I pulled out my DSLR to find out the shutter speed and exposure I’ll need. That is when I realized, oh yeah, my memory card is in my other camera. Thankfully, I’ve been in the photo program long enough to be able to guesstimate what exposures would work with my long shutter speeds.

On a more positive note, things with Judy are still improving! I am completely shocked and don’t really believe that this is a permanent change, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. I think the reason for her sudden kindness has a lot to do with her attitude about herself. Last semester, at the epitome of her bitchdom, she was lonely, out of shape, and overall, lazy. Now, she has friends she regularly hangs out with, she goes to the gym almost nightly to pump iron with her possibly lesbian friend (perhaps another reason she’s happier?! a lesbian lover?!), and actually tries to sleep more normal hours, meaning she actually gets up in the mornings. We are still two very different people, but the living situation is no longer shitty.

No matter how things have been with Judy, I am very happy to have today and tomorrow off from classes so I can enjoy this long weekend at home. I don’t have to go back to reality until Wednesday, and I only have one class then anyways.

Lesson for the Day: Always be willing to change your opinion of someone, never write them off completely. You never know when they’ll surprise you.

Yeah... these kinda skirts....

If you happened to stop by my blog today, you are in for a treat. Last night, through tears and sore abs, my mom and I found something wonderful. We found undiscovered status updates from a distant relative on Facebook. Marianne is technically a lawyer, but doesn’t seem to work a lot. Until recently she was married to one of my mom’s step-brothers. Until recently, she thought she was just a little full of herself, but now we know she is also some what of a whore. They sent their children to a school similar to the Montessori way, where the children only pursue studies they’re interested in. Basically, a condensed description of them is this: hippies with a holier and wiser than thou mentality who really do nothing to contribute to the world around them, unless you count selling overpriced skirts.

Back to the Facebook discovery… We had realized a year ago that Marianne  fancied herself to be some kind of philosopher, a life coach, one who needed to share her words of wisdom. And we found them hysterical. Last night, we went deeper back into her status history than ever before, and it was the hardest I’ve laughed in months, well until the other news we received earlier that day about demons (soon to come in another post). I’m not sure whether the world as a whole will find these as humorous as we do, since you most likely do not know her personally, but I thought it’d be fun to see. So here are some gems from our searching last night… I went ahead and made it clear what parts made us cry.

  • “Sat on a park bench in a spot that brought me solace years ago and took the time to feel gratitude for what was, what is, and what will be.”
  • “John Denver songs keep going through my head. So sweet they are. I’m not into eating sugar but I sure do love sweetness.”
  • “Just released a report that has been incubating for nine months. I feel like the mother of a newborn who has been home alone with the baby for too long — both relieved and nervous about letting go. Sometimes I wish I were a gardener…
  • “Growing up without a religion, churches I did not know. Nevertheless, nature’s cathedral could bring song to my soul. I felt it again this morning in a hemlock glade where the muted beams of morning sun created a place as hallowed as the halls of Notre Dame.”
  • “Last night we spent time with new friends who are already old friends. I am in wonder about the the way our interests and lives overlap. Makes me feel like I am part of a larger cosmic dance that has a beauty and pattern I cannot discern but which is, nonetheless, inescapable.”
  • “Out of habit, I headed into the woods basket in hand. But at the edge of the forest I realized it was not bounty from the outside I was seeking but answers from within. Came away with some parables based on flower beds and bird songs. Sometimes unraveling takes awhile. Need to be at peace with the process.”
  • “Spent the last 9 months gestating an important concept (promoting residential energy efficiency) that allowed me to pull together fantastic people and concepts in a state that is fertile grounds for positive change. Releasing this report to the universe is not as big as birthing a child but I feel similarly exhausted. Hopefully, this will do the world good just as my children do…”
  • “I just extracted orchid sprigs from an otherwise dead Mothers Day bouquet Connor sent. They are still beautiful and are now in a vase of their own, which will adorn our table today. Makes me smile when I look at them. Little bits of beauty can go a long way…”
  • “Rainbows come when there are mixed elements afoot. They hold promise, are ephemeral, and delight. They seem magical. They are things of beauty. They make us want more.”
  • “Got a good haircut for the first time in months. What a relief! It’s amazing how much the outside of us can influence how we feel all over. I’ve always eschewed the superficial yet succumb to its force. Curious about that…”

And here’s the one that really got us…

  • “The mountains are an undulating carpet of green dotted with purple shadows. Reminds me of a green checkerboard blanket. Makes me wish I were a giant so I could spread out my picnic on them, lie in the sun, and look for animals in the clouds.

She said "giant" and this is how I saw it.

Lesson for the Day: Don’t be full of yourself. Don’t post hourly on FB. Don’t be that person.