Minor Hiatus.

One of my shots that will be in my portfolio.

To anyone who reads my blog on a regular or semi-regularly basis, I am so very sorry for my lack of writing lately. I am beyond stressed this week with coming back from Spring Break and trying to catch up. Fortunately, all my stress will dissipate tomorrow at 4 pm when I have turned in my final portfolio. Once that is done, I just have to wait to see if I got in to the Technical Photography department or not.

I’ll be sure to write about my adventures over Spring Break at some point. I have a lot of things to say, I even wrote myself little post it notes as reminders. I just can’t seem to focus. Plus, I need to work on writing a letter to a good friend of mine. That is, if I end up writing it and sending it. I suck at writing letters. I have already found three this semester that I wrote in September.

Lesson for the Day: Be calm. Take a deep breath. It’s not as important as your stressed out mind has made it out to be.


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