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How Judy spends her weekends... on the bed, on Tumblr.

Anyone who has read my blog before knows that I don’t get along with my roommate too well. Here’s something surprising. She seems to be improving. I think that now that she is making more friends, their positivity and happiness is rubbing off on her. No, she doesn’t go out on the weekends. But that’s her choice. She’s starting to seem to be really trying to get along with me. The other day, she was going to watch a movie in our room with her friend and then when I came back she said they could watch it somewhere else. I told her I didn’t care, I would just be researching. She asked me at least two more times if I was sure it was okay.

At least our showers aren't this bad...

Even more shocking than her new attempts to be nice was last night. Let me give  you a bit of history, the girls on our floor are disgusting creatures. They leave clumps of hair on the shower walls, tampons in the toilet (turning the water red), and piling tons of their trash into the communal bathroom trash can (meant for feminine products). Every weekend, we are out of toilet paper by late Saturday or early Sunday morning. It’s just all disgusting. This past Friday, I walked into the bathroom to find someone had put an entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet. Wasteful and gross. Then I come back Sunday morning to find someone shit on top of the toilet paper. Not flushable, of course. Meaning, this would be a job for Ms. Kathy, our sweet 70-something cleaning lady. Not okay. To make matters worse, by Sunday night we had a leaning tower of Pisa forming out of our trash can. Another job for Ms. Kathy. So as I am sitting on my laptop, working on a paper, I see Judy hop up and go to the bathroom. A few seconds later I hear the trash bags moving and see her emptying the trash. Yes, she had a negative attitude about the girls we live with (“look at the kinda people we fucking live with”) but she did a good deed.

This is nothing compared to last nights pile.

Lesson for the Day: Never write someone off completely. You never know when they will surprise you.


One of my shots that will be in my portfolio.

To anyone who reads my blog on a regular or semi-regularly basis, I am so very sorry for my lack of writing lately. I am beyond stressed this week with coming back from Spring Break and trying to catch up. Fortunately, all my stress will dissipate tomorrow at 4 pm when I have turned in my final portfolio. Once that is done, I just have to wait to see if I got in to the Technical Photography department or not.

I’ll be sure to write about my adventures over Spring Break at some point. I have a lot of things to say, I even wrote myself little post it notes as reminders. I just can’t seem to focus. Plus, I need to work on writing a letter to a good friend of mine. That is, if I end up writing it and sending it. I suck at writing letters. I have already found three this semester that I wrote in September.

Lesson for the Day: Be calm. Take a deep breath. It’s not as important as your stressed out mind has made it out to be.

I need Spring Break. Now.

How I see Judy's male friends..

How I see Judy's male friends...

Judy apparently has friends coming tonight. Yes, you heard me, friends coming to visit on a Tuesday night. Whatever, that’s fine. But it could be anywhere from one to three. I’m sorry, but her friends sketch me out. One of her friends looks like a pedophile, and literally said “sometimes I look like a predator” on one of his pictures. I don’t want them touching my stuff, not even on my bed. Is that bad?

Sadly enough for my possessions, I won’t be in my room at all tonight to guard them. Rather, I will be out photographing the nature around this mountainous town that I know call home. Then I will be flying to the photo lab, my real home for the next four years, to develop and print my photographs. Basically, all four hours the lab is open, I’ll be there.

On the bright side, I had a pretty good weekend. Recently, I reconnected with a friend who I had a huge falling out with a few months ago. He agreed he was a dick and even apologized for being an asshole. This might not seem like much, but he never apologizes. So I appreciated it. I even ended up hanging out with him and his three other Dungeons and Dragons playing friends. Quite an interesting night.

These are the shot glasses I was referring to.

The next night, I went to hang out with my two future roommates and their boyfriends. At first, not fun. It was them, their boyfriends, the dog, and me. So, of course, I was all over playing with the puppster. Eventually, they realized while they were sipping on their Blue Moons that I had not touched my classy bottle of Burnett’s, saved to help my socialization for the frat party later. Apparently, Paige’s boyfriend, Tyler got a real kick out of me being a freshman. Before I knew it, they were telling me I would be given a theme song to take shots to. Suddenly, I hear “…Teen drinking is very bad… YO! I got a fake ID doe!” as Quinn lines up her four shot glasses labeled tipsy, drunk, wasted, and plastered. Basically, I downed all four during the time the song played. And then a while later had to re-do it. To be honest, when I first got there I was reconsidering everything about living with them next year. I was like I’ll be the young, single, boring one. But you know what? I love Quinn and her boyfriend, they’re both hysterical and not at all annoying with PDA as some couples are. I’ve only been around Paige and her boyfriend a few times, but the night ended up pretty fun. Usually, Paige seems to be somewhat stressed out. I saw her let loose and dance to early 2000’s rap. Now I can’t wait for next year, especially now that “Tipsy” is my official drinking song.

Type "frat party" into Google. Get this. Priceless.

I don’t even want to discuss the frat party. One of my friends pre-gamed elsewhere and didn’t even make it to the frat. We got lost on the way so we ended up at a suck party. However, I did again see people I recognized off of FB, leaving me to play the “Oh no, I definitely don’t know your full names and who your general set of friends are…” game. Better yet, a friend of a friend of a friend, introduced to me as Ralph Waldo Emerson wouldn’t leave my side the entire night after I had mentioned that I liked A Day To Remember. Because it’s super fun to be forced to dance with the same person all night… False. I enjoy dancing with friends, maybe a guy or two, then leaving the dance area to get rid of the guy, then go back later and find new people. NOT BEING STALKED. Boo. And he wasn’t even a good dancer. He was the worst Maggy had ever seen, in fact. Best part? Apparently being nice and dancing with someone means you want their tongue forced down your throat. Ughh, NO. Freakin’ disgusting. That was the cherry on top of my shit sundae, and the last straw. From that point forward, I attached myself to Maggy and refused to be alone with him again. Thankfully, her night was just as shitty so we quickly darted out the front door and into the car of a beeper the moment he turned his back.

Lesson for the Day: Avoid clingers. They kill a night.