The Ruiner.

Today, I have come up with the perfect nickname for Judy. The Ruiner. I feel it describes her perfectly.

She ruins my positive moods with her bitchy remarks.

She ruins my sleep with her bright lights and incessant clicking.

She ruins my sense of smell by painting her nails EVERY DAY.

She ruins my nail polish collection by always using my stuff.

She ruins my extra sleep by waking up and being loud as hell.

She ruins my afternoons and nights by napping, leaving me in darkness and silence.

She ruins our room by never ever cleaning herself, though she always says “don’t worry, I’ll fix this”.

She ruins my days by moaning ALL THE TIME. WTF.

Every sip of a drink, moan. Every bite of food, moan. Every EFFIN’ BREATH, moan.

She ruins what should be perfect, wonderful days of having the room to myself….

Aka Judy.

Like today. Today, my photography class was cancelled. I knew this a week ago. I also knew that Wednesday was one of the days she had five classes. Woo! Sleeping in and the room to myself. Ah but wait, I woke up at 11 (far after her first class) to the sound of her voice outside our door. She didn’t go to class. No, she’s just on Facebook. I don’t get it. Every time I get real excited about her going to class, she doesn’t. My classes are never cancelled and so I was even more excited. But instead of sleeping til I woke up, I slept til her loud ass voice woke me up. I also have a pounding headache. Yay! Fun day already. So now instead of my plan to workout in my room, shower, and try curling my hair, I will be showering and getting the hell outta here. Why won’t I curl my hair? Oh because this lovely roommate of mine always has commentary. And something certain people in my life don’t realize is I don’t like commentary. If I want your opinion, I will ask you. I want to learn on my own, I don’t want Judy to try and teach me. OH, freakin’ joy of joys! I hear her tapping her nail polish loudly.

I hate my life. I hate my roommate. How many days til May 11?!

Lesson for the Day: Don’t be a ruiner.


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