Short & Sweet.


At least if she looked like this it would mean she had been doing something useful with her life.

This is the third time in a row she has skipped this class. And various times before that. All she does is sleep, sleep, and more sleep. Then she goes to the gym and acts like a boss for lifting weights in her man outfit. Well done, you work out. But you’re not doing what you came to school to do!!! It is so frustrating. I hate not turning the light on or having music playing midday! So guess what? I’m going to hop in the shower, then afterwards, shit’s gonna be loud. I will do my passive aggressive shit and slam stuff around. I am so damn pathetic. But seriously, what am I gonna do? Tell her she can’t sleep anymore? It’s ridiculous. She went to bed almost an hour before me, yet I was up at 8:15 getting ready for class. WTF.

Lesson for the Day: Don’t be a lazy pig. It’s really annoying.


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