Honestly Baffled.

This is a more valid excuse to skip class than staying up on FB.

Here’s the thing… you go to college to learn, to prepare for your future, to learn to be independent, and in some cases, to party.

But here’s what I don’t get… what’s the point of wasting your money away on college if you don’t ever go to class and don’t party either. Usually, people fall on either of the two extremes or find balance in the middle. I can see skipping classes because you party too much. I can see not going to parties because you study a lot. But I don’t see why you would go to college to skip class, hang out in the library, and never go to a party. And guess what? That’s Judy for you.

Today is Thursday, that means that she has one class today. It’s the same way on Tuesdays. This Tuesday was the first time I skipped my nine o’clock class. I was exhausted and couldn’t possibly dragged myself out fo bed. Then I got up, showered, and dressed before Judy even thought about getting out of bed. When her class started at eleven and it was already past ten. Suddenly, the monster arises and asks to watch Boy Meets World until she has to get ready. I say that’s fine and she turns it on. After a few minutes, she turns it off. I assumed to get ready. But no. Instead she grabbed her laptop and sat in her bed. I left the room after eleven. She was still there.

HAH. Now you can match this guy. Yeah, you're cool.

Coming back from my class this morning, I hoped and prayed I would find our door locked. But to no avail. She was passed out in her bed, still. Much after eleven. The best part is how butch she looks. Haha. Sounds mean, but she thinks tie dye is the shit. She has tie dye socks, shirts, and now boxers. Yes, Judy and her friend with questionably short, spiky hair went to Walmart and bought mens tank tops (aka not attractive in the slightest) and boxers then proceeded to tie dye them. Can I again re-state how good I am with gay people? I don’t want to come across as a homophobe. I would just rather people be honest. If you’re gay, SAY SO. I’d like to know that I shouldn’t be changing in front of you. I would also like to stay for the record, the only people other than hippies out in the fields with this love of tie dye is my mom’s good friend from nursing school and her partner. I love love love Annette. She forced alcohol down my mom’s throat quite literally, danced her ass off on the beach to the Steve Miller band, and has the raspiest voice of anyone you’ll ever meet.

THIS is what I foresee in Judy's future.

Wah, there was another bunny trail. I guess that’s why I called this my ramblings? Hah. So I’ll get down to the point.  I can’t stand how Judy acts like I never leave the room or puts me down for my lesser course load (again, due to SURGERY bitch), when she can’t get her lazy ass up for ONE class at eleven. Might I also mention how she can’t even clean up her side?? Clothes are always overflowing from her laundry basket onto the floor, used tissues galore, and random empty bottles crowd her desk. Yes, it’s great you’re going to the gym more. But guess what? That’s not what college is for. Ackk, I am starting a countdown until I move out. Whenever I move out, I’m tempted to give her the link to my blog.

Lesson for the Day: College is for school. Not for sleeping all the time. If you’re gonna go to college and waste it, stop having your parents pay at least. They shouldn’t be going into possible debt to let your lazy ass stay up all night on Facebook and Tumblr.

  1. Reet said:

    I like your blog. This Judy seems like a pain in the ass. Is she depressed? Is she suffering from glandular fever or chronic fatigue? Can you find a new room mate?

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like it. Yeah, I’m pretty sure she was depressed. Thankfully, she was only my roommate for one year. Now I live in an apartment with two other girls. Only one of which is a slight pain in the ass. Overall, it’s a 180 from last year and I’m loving it (:

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