Thank God For Katy Perry!

Before I would have said thank God for Taylor Swift, but thank GOD I’ve grown out of her uber-dramatic break up songs.

"Woe is meeee! I'm going to stayyy depressed"

I’ve only ever had two boyfriends in my life, yet another reason why this break up should be viewed as a good thing. I need to get out and experience a lot of guys so I know what kind of guy I should marry. Anyways, both times my first boyfriend, Mustache (as Rae and I used to call him), and I broke up I clung to Taylor Swift. I have honestly said, “SHE KNOWS MY LIFE!” So embarrassing. So whether madly in “like” or heartbroken, she “knew” me. Then my latest ex and I got together. Again, Taylor Swift came up. Before we dated, I related our friendship to “The Way I Loved You” like I should want him, but I still wanted my douchey ex-boyfriend, the midget man. But then I realized wait, I actually like this guy. And voila! “Mine” was released. Again, she was in tune to me. However, after our last break up when I turned to “The Story of Us” and “Last Kiss”, I realized Taylor Swift isn’t who I should rely on. Yes, she has great songs. But they are all incredibly sappy and mopey and woe is me. That’s not a healthy way to survive a break up. I’m not even going to cover what Mayday Parade songs I would listen to. Mention “All Hail the Heartbreaker” by The Starting Line and you’ll be slitting your wrists in no time. It’s depressing as hell. Therefore, I’m deleting it off of my iTunes.

Gets dumped. Dyes hair blue. Kicks ass. LOVE HER.

So this time around, I’m relying on my idol. Yup, Katy Perry. She released “Part of Me” on Tuesday, though I already had an illegal copy (shhh!). It’s like she knew. Hah. JUST KIDDING! But seriously, Katy Perry just went through a very public break up. This is after professing a storybook romance and dedicated most of her last album to him. Yet, she’s taken it and come out stronger for that. That’s my goal. I keep getting reassured that my choice was the right one, so despite my 24-inspired dream featuring the ex and the sinking feeling I got when I woke up, I’m sticking to my guns. I deserve better. I need better. If he will let me go and not fight to be better for me, then I guess that proves it.

The point of this whole entry is this: Good music can completely change your mood. When you’re upset, listening to depressing music will only make you damn near suicidal. Listen to happy music, fake it til you feel it. That’s why I love Katy Perry’s new song. It’s not sad, it’s just like these are the facts and you can’t destroy me, I’m stronger than this. Hm. I’m tempted to share lyrics… I think I shall. Bear with me, please!

“You took my light, you drained me down. But that was then and this is now. Now look at me.”

“Throw your sticks and your stones, throw your bombs and your blows. But you’re not gonna break my soul. This is the part of me that you’re never gonna ever take away from me, no.”

“Now look at me I’m sparkling, a firework, a dancing flame. You’ll never put me out again. I’m glowin’ oh whoa.”

Again: DO NOT go the Mayday Parade route.

Lesson for the Day: In the words of Mayday Parade, “it’s called break up ’cause it’s broken”. There’s a reason for what you did. So don’t dwell in the pain by listening to sappy love songs or horrendous break up songs. Listen to empowering songs. Songs that say, “HEY! YEAH YOU! You did the right thing.” Then dance your arse off. Forget the pain, focus on the positive. Things will be okay one day.

P.S. This is easier said than done. If I follow my own advice, I’m ruling out 2/3 of my current music library.


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