Just for funzies, here's my incision with the glue covering still on. Not sure if the lump is visible, but yeah.

Last Wednesday, my surgeon removed the bandage they had put in place after surgery, leaving a grotesquely disgusting glue covered incision mark. As soon as the doctor left the room, I turn to my mom and ask how it looks. She gasps and tries to sputter out some reassurance. Apparently, she expected it to be smaller. Once I got home and was able to inspect for myself, I realized it was the glue that made her gasp. It just looked bad. During my in-depth inspection, I noticed a lump. Instantly, I remembered a quote of of my friends always liked to say, “There was a lump on the back of my neck… Inside the lump…. was my twin.”

Thankfully, it is not my twin. It is either the start of an infection (oh yes please!) or fluids leftover from surgery that will re-absorb into my skin. My entire day today has been spent fixating on this lump. Don’t ask me why, but it really, truly, and deeply disturbs me. I had planned on a scar, I had never considered a lump. So, as I sit here desperately trying to find another class to register for, I am instead consumed with thoughts of what is really happening on my lower back.

Lesson for the Day: When you get surgery, ask for all possible results. Don’t go in unaware like I did.

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