For Those That Care.

My dad says I walk like the Hunchback.

I just wanted to give a quick little update on my back situation. My surgery is scheduled for 6 am on Friday, the 13th (dum dum dummmm). Everyone I have talked to or heard from has said that I will be amazed by the instant relief when I wake up from surgery. The only pain I will feel is from the surgery itself. Uh, where were these people six months ago when I chose to go the chiropractic route?! I’m not sure I would have chosen six months of pain and trying over instant relief. The recovery time isn’t long either, the surgeon said I could be ready to go back to school in one week. That’s insane! I can’t wait for the shooting pains from my sciatic nerve to stop and for my gimpy walking to come to an end.

Anyways, today I have to go get blood work done to make sure everything will go smoothly. Yesterday, I got up to date x-rays and an MRI reading. For those of you who haven’t had an MRI, be glad. I’m not very claustrophobic, but that space could make anyone hyperventilate. My first MRI was done this past July. I was completely calm and relaxed as I laid down on the flat board, positioning my ear plugs. As I was sliding in, I made a big mistake. I opened my eyes. The ceiling of the tube was less than the length of my hand from my face, and I have very small hands. Thankfully, the tube opened up more the further in I went. My feet were the only things sticking out into freedom. Although I should’ve relaxed at th fact that there was more space for my face, all I could focus on was how there was absolutely no escape. So the whole time I prayed there wouldn’t be some freakish power outage. But through the soothing sounds of Kiss FM and the tech working, I made it. Luckily that MRI took about five minutes from the moment he took me back til the second I walked out.

Except I was faced the opposite direction. Headfirst, unsure of how far I was in.

Yesterday’s MRI took a lot longer. First of all, I had to wait fifteen minutes when I got there. Then I was walked out to the mobile unit and told it would take 20-25 minutes. In the machine. Uhhhh… what?! I guess the last time I got a stud and this time I got the third string. Also, there was no music offered. Just loud zings, bangs, and crashes. This machine was slightly different. I was only pulled in up to my knees and was told there was another opening near my head, though I couldn’t bend to see it if my life depended on it. The bad thing about this one though, was unlike the other one, the shape of the tube inside didn’t change. from my head to my knees, it was all about a hands’ length from me. No. Way. Out. I managed to stay calm, but then it happened. What always happens when you’re told not to move. My nose started itching. My ear started itching. My cheek started itching. Almost every part of my body needed to be scratched. It was hell. But I made it out alive.

Now I get blood drawn in a few hours. In the past, I would freak out. I’ve gotten better with needles. I’m just hoping they only need one vial and don’t try to drain me. We’ll see how that goes. Until then, I suppose I’ll do what I’ve been doing all week, go watch a movie on the couch only to pass out half way through. My life has gotten significantly duller. Hopefully, my birthday next week will bring some excitement.

Lesson for the Day: MRI’s aren’t fun, at all. But if you take deep breaths and focus elsewhere, you might just make it out alive.


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