Law Of Attraction.

Recently, my mom watched “The Secret” and became very much inspired. So today, as I found myself bored and wanting to be creative, I convinced my mom to make a vision board for me. The purpose of a vision board is to see everything you want to happen, to focus on it everyday, and for it to eventually come true due to the law of attraction. And so, I thought I’d share my goals with you.

My Vision Board.

By “Stop Being So Damn Polite”, I’m saying that I need to grow a pair in a major way. This isn’t me saying it’s time to be a bitch. It’s me realizing I need to get a backbone and stick up for myself. I severely failed to do this last semester with Judy. So now is the time to cowboy up and take care of business.

Cliff diving isn't my one of my goals though...

By this, I mean I want to heal my back as naturally as possible. Yes, I am getting the surgery. But that was after months of trying chiropractic, acupuncture, and taking as little pain killers as possible. I want this to make me stronger. For my recovery, I know I will need pain killers. However, I want to be off them as soon as possible. I want to eat healthy. I want to be strong. I want to let my body heal itself and work as the perfect machine it was made to be.

I am a Christian. Always have been, always will be. The problem is, it’s not always my primary focus. I want to re-focus my attention on the important things in life. God, my family, and my health. I want to get back the feeling I had when I was on a missions trip to Peru this past summer. I felt so close to God and like I was actually making a difference. I don’t want to feel like I’m wasting this life I’ve been given by spending all my time thinking about myself.

Fearless in day to day life, not necessarily jumping off cliffs. I am naturally introverted, always having had a hard time putting myself out there and jumping into conversations. So to me, being fearless means doing just that. Jump into a random conversation, don’t worry about saying something stupid. Just say it. And see what happens.

Kristen Wiig's there to remind me to let loose.

A fairly common goal, I want to be good with money. My parents have taught me a lot about handling money, by telling me to learn from their mistakes. My number one motto when it comes to money is to spend less than you earn. With my measly earnings from my part time job, that’s easier said than done as all my money was sucked away by my gas-guzzling Jeep. But it’s good to keep in mind. And now as I’m at school with a $30/week budget, it’s important to put into practice.

Because of my back issues, I’m very limited in what I can do right now. The most frustrating part of that is the fact that I go to a mountain school, so this semester everyone is either taking skiing or snowboarding. I’m not allowed to do that. My goal is to eventually learn to snowboard.

Jennifer Aniston's in her forties... so jealous.

I’m a teenage girl. I have insecurities. It’s just part of being eighteen. As much as it kills my boyfriend, I am just not completely comfortable with my body. I was very close before, but then between a horrendous time with Depo (the birth control shot) and my back injury leaving me on bedrest, I gained a lot of weight pushing back all my progress. I want to be strong and healthy and confident. My weight shouldn’t matter. I need to learn to be happy with the body I had or else I’ll end up with regret years from now.

Yes, that's a wedding ring. No, that's not what I want at the moment. Just for the future.


And of course, I had to add in my personal idol, Katy Perry. Her quote says, “I never want to be boring, so therefore I aspire to always be interesting, experimental and entertaining. There are many cards in my deck of personality.” I’m not nearly as interesting as her, but I feel like I’m more interesting than I allow myself to act out, if that makes any sense. I’m so introverted, I think it’s hard for people to see that side of me. As for the ring, I do want to get married. Not now, of course. But I want to be settled down by the time I’m 25. A strange goal maybe, but I told myself I’d fall in love at 17 and guess what? I did. You tell yourself what you want, and it’ll happen. That’s what “The Secret” is all about.

Lesson for the Day: Dream it, yearn for it, work on it and it’ll be yours.


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