Has It Really Come To This?

It has been decided that I will get the laparoscopic surgery.

Fingers crossed...

The pain has increased so much since my trip to Pennsylvania, specifically in my leg. I managed to go back to work for a few days, though it got progressively worse. In fact, the last day I had to get a ride to and from work so I could take pain killers to make it bearable. I think by calling off yesterday and today, I’ve officially severed ties with that restaurant. Sad because I’ve been there for a year and a half since they first opened their doors, but understandable as I haven’t been the best employee.

So now it comes to this. Monday I will go see the spine specialist and beg for him to find a way to fit me in for surgery that week. Then my grandma will fly down to assist my mom in my recovery for the next two to three weeks. I’ve tried various ways of avoiding this procedure, including the cortisone injection, acupuncture, and continual chiropractic visits. While my chiropractor has helped immensely, it’s not the final solution we had hoped for. Currently, I can barely last more than a five minute car ride without pain. My only hope is that my professors are willing to work with me so I don’t lose the schedule I so carefully planned out and that I don’t get too behind.

I don’t know why my progress stopped. I don’t know why the trip to Pennsylvania set me back so much. I don’t know why my back even had to have problems to start with. All I know is that it’s happened. It has happened and this is something I will have to deal with all of my life. I’m just hoping that surgery is the correct option. All I can do is pray that I’ll heal as fast as they promise and things will be alright in the end. I’m a little scared, a little nervous, a little worried. But I know this will all turn out as He wishes.

Lesson for the Day: God has a plan for everything. Sometimes it’s not easy to understand, but just trust and hopefully things will turn out right.


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