Home For The Holidays.

And couldn’t be busier, yet so far has barely done anything exciting.

I have been so excited to come home to enjoy my wonderous, month-long vacation from school and besides seeing my crazy best friend, the first big thing I did was seeing my therapist. How lame is that? Shortly followed by a long, jam packed Thursday that concluded in a big family dinner with my parent’s pot head friend, her daughter, my pseudo-sister, and my boyfriend.

Now it’s early in the morning on Sunday, so you might wonder how did she spend her Saturday? Oh well, first I worked on a crafty little project that I found on the ever so time consuming invention they like to call Pinterest. Link here. If it works out alright, I’ll add pictures for those who care. Anyways, after adequately covering my hands and legs in gel medium, I wandered downstairs to see what the family was up to. That ended in a three hour discussion about what movie to watch, with my dad complaining about the end result. The important thing is not what we all agreed on, but rather the two things my mom and I watched while waiting for a consensus.

They see me rollin'....

First, we watched 75% of a documentary on the Amish. My mom has always had strange fascinations, including agoraphobia, hippie communes, and now, the Amish way of life. It was more interesting than the monotone voice narrating the documentary would make you believe. I learned a quite a few new things. Not only am I extremely lazy compared to your average Amish girl, but I’m lazy compared to their kids. They had videos of these tiny little kids, probably around five or six, sitting on a horse drawn cart, working on the harvest with the rest of the family. It’s amazing how it really is a family process. Everyone that can help, does. Some people, myself included, would never trade our technologically driven lives for the Amish way but damn, do they have us beat. Work ethic like that is not common in this day and age, at least not in the people I’ve come in contact with. While it might not be your cup of tea, it’s really something to respect.

Not sure I'd be this happy if I had just gotten ice creamed in the face.

Second, and most importantly, we watched clips of my stereotypically favorite movie… The Notebook. Oh goodness, do I love me some Ryan Gosling. Well, as my mom and I were sitting there, drooling over his pure adoration and loyalty, my dad walked in and scoffed. He said that movies like this are the reason women are so unhappy, because Hollywood sells us a lie. Now here’s the problem with that. I can’t let myself believe that a love like that of Alli and Noah doesn’t exist in this world. Yes, Hollywood does sell you a lie when this drool-worthy, sex god also happens to be a total sweetheart. Sorry, girls. But the good guys are the ones who don’t realize how attractive they are. However, I fully believe a deep, passionate, crazy love that that exists somewhere. I’ve even had touches of it myself. Being young and so in love that nothing matters, fighting over the stupidest things and letting kisses shoo all your problems away. I’ve experienced that, and it’s magical. But that’s not the part I envy. I want so badly to grow old with someone, for them to be so devoted that if I lost my memory, that they’d still stay with me. And vice versa. I want a forever with someone. I believe that is not out of reach. Not at all. True love does magical, wonderful things. I believe. So thank you, Nicholas Sparks, for giving me hope.

Lesson for the Day: Be strong like the Amish, but love like a Nicholas Sparks novel.

Everyone deserves this kind of love.

  1. pjman109 said:

    Damn that’s our problem! I finally realized just how hot I am!

    • Hahaha. Welll, that is somewhat true. All our problems started when you went off to college and got all extra confident and swagger-licious.

  2. pjman109 said:

    True, I am the origin of all of our problems!

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