Well, Alrighty Then.

Four exams. Four exams, and three days stand between me and Christmas break.

I. Cannot. Wait.

Whether a monster or serial killer, this fear still lingers.

Christmas break means so many wonderous things. First and foremost, it means I’ll be out of this jail cell sized dorm, to spend a month in a full sized bed. No more of this twin bullshit. No more rolling over and having my leg flip off the edge to where, thanks to American Horror Story, I will always believe there is a creature waiting to pull me under. That could possibly relate to a bizarre dream I had as a child where a grinch-like creature pulled me underneath the couch into their world, forcing me into marriage and never being able to leave… somewhat like Not Without My Daughter, except she chose to marry him… But that’s another story. Christmas also means time with family and friends, tons of food, my great-grandparents cookies, lots of picture taking opportunities, and, of course, presents. Most importantly, it means a much needed break from the oh so wonderful Judy.

Darren Criss... Sexuality Unknown.

The sad part is, these past few days we have been getting along quite nicely. Strange, but nice. My roommate from the first weeks of school had returned. Until a few minutes ago. We had just returned from a Cookout run, had a nice talk about the sexuality of Darren Criss, and then after sufficiently chowing down on some wonderfully greasy food, I logged onto Facebook. There I saw one of my high school friends complaining about how college finals are much harder than high school finals. First of all, duh. Obviously, college is meant to be harder than high school. That’s the whole point, the longer you are in school, the harder it gets. But, as I’ve said before, I’m honestly not that worried about finals. So anyways, I think to myself, “Hey, she might find this amusing too…” Dumbly optimistic, I turn around and tell her what he said, mentioning how I don’t even think finals will be that bad. Her response? “Well… you do have to consider the classes you’re taking.” Andddd, the bitch is back. Lesson learned. Only two more nights with her until I’m back home, so no biggie. Just kinda frustrating to think we’re making progress when actually she’s still gonna be her bitchy self.

Lesson for the Day: As optimistic about a situation as you want to be, don’t forget to be realistic.


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