Violet. WTF.

I need someone to talk to. Someone who watches American Horror Story.

Husband vs. Rapist/Daughter's Boyfriend.

I have so much to say, so much of that show is just… it’s just madness. So many connections, murders, and just plain screwed up things going on. Vivian is pregnant with the anti-Christ, Ben fought off the rubber man who is actually Tate (saw that one coming), and now Violet’s dead. All I can say is WTF. Things were finally starting to come around. Ben was seeing things as they really were, aka the maid for the old lady she truly is instead of the young temptress. He finally¬†realized that Viv was raped and not making up the stuff about Hayden. He was gonna get Viv out of the psych ward. He convinced Violet to go back to school. Everything was improving.

I was in shock after I saw this.

But now, since Violet’s dead… well everything’s messed up. How is she gonna tell them? Will she finally admit she sees dead people, and that really they do too? They can’t move now, unless they want to give up their daughter for good. Though that would be kind of evil to leave her to rot with all those psycho dead people, but should they have to suffer through that themselves because Violet made a stupid mistake? How long until the devil baby is born? So many questions. I’m dying for the next episode. It’s all I can think about. Anyone else out there obsessed and need someone to talk to? I’m your girl.

Lesson for the Day: Don’t watch the first ten episodes of a season in a row, leaving yourself anxiously awaiting the last two… for two weeks.


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