I Need Some Cheese.


To go with this whine. HAH. Funny joke, right?! That was just something one of my substitutes would always say. Anywho, I just wanted to complain a tad about the cleanliness of my tiny little room. Various times in the past few days, Judy has made reference to the mess that is her side. Shortly followed by some variance of “I’m not gonna deal with it now”. And then she would usually sit down and start posting on Facebook. Yes, we’re college kids. We like Facebook a lot. Sue me. This began before exam stress set in on her (though she has yet to actually study, instead she’s been watching the Harry Potter Musical, hence the Darren Criss discussion), so she had no excuse not to clean. I, on the other hand, have kept my side orderly, made up notecards and every other study aid I’ll need, anddd did 90% of my packing today. Well anyways, I got fed up and took a few pictures. Since I took that effort, I think maybe you should take a look. Maybe? Please? Validate me? Say that it’s not just me who finds living this way foul and disgusting.

  1. pjman109 said:

    Ahahahaha I remember her saying that to me back in third grade!

    • I remember her saying it EVERY time she was the sub for one of my classes.

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