With Christmas on the horizon, I am now facing what all college students fear: finals. Or, as the saying goes F.I.N.A.L.S. (f*** I never actually learned shit). All classes are done, and now four exams stand between me and ultimate relaxation. Oddly enough, I’m already pretty much relaxed here.

Maybe I'll be like this later on?

I get on Facebook and find myself barraged with statuses about finals, all nighters, and mass amounts of stress. Not sure why, but I’m not feeling it at all. Maybe it’s because I’ve got enough stress coming from other areas in my life? Maybe it’s because I’ve always been one to cram? Either way, I’m calm and focusing on everything else in the world.

Burn, Sandusky, burn.

For instance, (here comes a shock, I’m talking about real world issues) Sandusky was arrested again on Wednesday. Two new charges have been brought up against him. I honestly don’t understand how a person can be so sick and twisted to take advantage of a child. And then for Paterno and the other higher ups to be aware of it and allow him to continue spending time with young boys. Ugh. The whole thing is just disgusting. It is my strong belief that anyone who molests a child should be castrated, if it’s a woman they have similar things they can do. If you can’t use it right, you deserve to lose it. Forever. This is one of those unforgivable things. I hope he goes to jail. I really truly hope so. Because that’s one thing that even the murderers and various other sick people in jail agree with is wrong. They call people like him “touchers”. In case you didn’t know, “touchers” don’t usually do very well or make it very long in prison. So good luck to you, Sandusky. I hope you get all that you deserve and then some, you sick bastard.

Lesson for the Day: Don’t be a disgusting person. Have morals. And use them.


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