I Don’t Understand.

ALL SHE DOES IS SLEEP! BAHHHH! It’s driving me crazy.

Oh, I'm so deep and thoughtful and philosophic when I drink tea...

I had my first conversation with her since before Thanksgiving at midnight, when she woke up to tell me that she’d be getting up at 6:15 to run. Uh, I call bullshit. And I was correct. Her alarm rang out through the halls and valleys of the south for straight forty-five minutes as I clung to sleep. Then she woke up to say, “I’m not going out in this wind”. I get up, get ready, go to class, stay extra long, come back… she’s sleeping. Apparently, she got up at a point because she’s made herself effin’ tea and turned the lights on. She looks like a fifty year old when she drinks tea. Judy just sips slowly, and loudly, and gazes out the window into the mountainous landscape being covered by the slowly rising sun. Bah. Humbug. I can’t take it.

Lesson for the Day: Wake up or GTFO.


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