Ruder Awakening.

Just a quick follow up to last night’s post…

I barely saw her friend for more than a minute before they went and spent their evening in the lobby.

Similar to the real thing, but without the books.

Good news for me. But I was still able to determine that she was weird as all get out. Wanna know how? Oh, yeah. That’s right. When I woke up at 6:30 this morning, there she was… sleeping in Lisa’s desk chair! What is it with people sleeping in that chair?! It’s creepy as hell. See, that’s fine if you’re exhausted in class and you just put your head down. But here, we have an extra mattress. So even if she didn’t want to sleep in Judy’s bed, she could’ve just pulled the mattress out. But no, she chose this bizarre way of resting. Worst part about it? She was in all black so I didn’t see her or Judy at first. The realization that they were in there almost made me pee my pants.

Lesson for the Day: If you insist on sleeping in weird ways, at least where colored clothes so you can be seen in darkness.


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