Woe Is Me.

Ugh. Today has pretty much sucked from the moment I woke up.

Let me give you a brief history lesson on myself…

This is the normal age for disc herniation.

This past summer, three weeks before I would be leaving for college, I woke up in excruciating pain. It appears this was the time that my back would let me catch on to the fact that I have two herniated discs and some degeneration. Lovely. I couldn’t feel my right foot, had shooting pains down my right leg, my lower back was being stabbed repeatedly, and I could barely put my underwear on after I got out of the shower. So we did what anyone else would do and went to the ER. After three different ER visits, I got in to get an MRI and found out about my lovely herniation and degeneration. Then began my doctor visits, I saw a chiropractor and a spine specialist. The spine specialist said to get a cortisone injection in my lower back and if that proved unsuccessful, surgery would be the next step. Now, hold up. An eighteen year old getting back surgery?! With absolutely no key injury leading to this issue? The cause unknown? Basically, unheard of. Every doctor visit I had was met with me eyeing up the elderly or obese who had the same issues of me. Now, I may not be the most confident girl in the world, but by no means was I obese.

Anywho, I’ll stop rambling and get to the point. I found a great chiropractor and went three times a week. My social life completely dropped off, as did my work hours and paychecks. I ended up getting the cortisone injection. As freaked out as I was, a needle in my back wasn’t as horrible as it sounded. Over time, I began to improve.

Move in day arrived and before a single item was taken into my new ‘home’, I went and met my new chiropractor. He was much more aggressive than the lady back at home, and with him I made significant improvements, including regaining strength in my right toes. So much so, I was only seeing him once a week, to every two weeks, but then after he said every three weeks, something happened.

Just to give you an idea...

I had my first major flare-up. Meaning, the pain was back. The pulsating in my right ankle had returned. I felt pins and needles throughout my calf. This past Tuesday, I went and saw him. Upon leaving, I felt much better. And continued to feel great until today.

Today the pain was back. With a vengeance. And that’s when my mom dropped the bomb that no, I was not allowed to go visit my boyfriend but had to come home to see my old chiropractor and possibly the spine specialist again. Yes, I understand I’m eighteen and can say no, but deep down… I know this is what is best for my back. I just hate it.

Lesson of the Day: Take care of your back so one day it doesn’t turn on you and attack. Also, don’t drink excess caffeine without enough water. That can lead to degeneration in your discs.


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