Um… What?

Right now, I’m attempting to write a critique for my photography class. However, Judy has decided to have a long, awkward conversation with her friend. At the moment, she is saying how squatting to take a dump is unhealthy. A few seconds ago, she started in about how a lot of women today want to have children ‘naturally’, with a midwife coming to the house. She would like to do this. She would like to squat while giving birth. Apparently, giving birth on your back is ‘bad for you’.

I'd rather not shit my child out.

Well, my dear, the only problem is that is how people have been doing it for centuries. My friend’s mom has had eleven kids, all on her back, and she’s the healthiest fifty-something I know. She went on to describe how she would like to squat to have her kids. TMI. I don’t need to know this stuff. I’m sorry, but this sufficiently grossed me out. So I figured I’d share it with the world. Enjoy those lingering thoughts!

Lesson for the Day: Give birth in hospitals where professional doctors can take care of you. Not like they did in the olden days when it was common to die in childbirth.


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