Neat Freak?

All this clutter is driving me CRAZY. Who am I?!

I’ve never been a neat freak. Ask my mom, she’ll tell you how disgusting my room got during my high school years. But when I moved into a dorm, something changed. Suddenly, I was OCD about clutter and dirt. Maybe it’s the small space, but I’m painfully aware when things are out of order. Currently, I’m feeling crazy due to the amount of notebooks and random stuff on my desk. It’s unusually cluttered and I’m going nuts. I just vacuumed to ease my stress, and am honestly tempted to get on my hands and knees with clorox wipes. What has come over me?! I think it has something to do with Judy…

This is one of the cleaner times...

Judy is messy, dirty, just gross. She has allergies, so often I find she chooses to leave used tissues in a pile on her desk rather than the trash can five feet away. She waits til her laundry is overflowing to do anything about it. The most disturbing thing I saw was her file her feet on our floor Sunday night. Ladies, I know. We get nasty scale-looking things on our heels sometimes, it just happens. But take care of that shit in private. She was home for the weekend, and she waited to fix her issue when she was back in our dorm. What frustrates me is she never considers cleaning our floors. Never. It’s always up to me. Her clutter tweaks my brain. So I’m sharing it with you all.

Lesson for the Day: When sharing a small living space with a stranger, be respectful and keep it tidy.

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  1. When I’m unorganized, it reflects what mood I’m in. Sometimes I’m angry so I don’t care about the way things look.. but when I come out of my mood.. I clean lol

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