A Rude Awakening.

This morning I awoke to probably one of the strangest things I’ll ever see.

Around 6:30, a strange alarm went off and woke me up. At first, I was glad that Judy had finally taken my advice and used a cell phone alarm rather than her booming clock alarm. But then I realized, my alarm wasn’t set to go off for another twenty minutes and there is no way Judy would motivate herself to get up before me. So, in my half awake state, I sat up for a second and the sight I saw was… well it will leave a permanent impression. There was Judy, wearing her zebra print snuggies, sitting at her desk chair. A moment later, the sight became clearer. Her legs were perched up on the desk and covered by a blanket, so this was no mistake. For some reason, she had chosen to sleep this way. Neck bent down in a no way comfortable position and legs up. Why? Why is my roommate so bizarre?! Was it that she was too lazy to clear the piles of laundry off her bed? I don’t know.

So, I did what I could and went back to sleep.

Lesson of the Day: Sleep in safe, comfortable positions. Please.


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