Time To Rant.

My biggest fear.

Last spring, I found myself face to face with a dilema. How would I find the perfect roommate? I had heard many hellish stories over the years, and all I could hope for was to get along with mine.

Thankfully, our college advocated finding a roommate through their Facebook group. We were encouraged to post surveys about ourselves and our personalities and find a match from there. Through a complicated series of events, I ended up with my third choice. Although my third choice, she still seemed very down to earth and fun. I couldn’t wait to meet her, for privacy’s sake, let’s call her ‘Judy’. Finally, Judy and I were able to meet up at a nearby mall and talk for a few hours. YES, I thought to myself, a normal person, just like me!

Move in day arrived, and I was a mixture of anxiety and excitement. The first few days were great, we got along so well I thought it was too good to be true. And, it was…

A few weeks in, I realized I had made a big mistake. One of her favorite pastimes is saying weird thing to ‘creep people out’. Judy liked to tell me that it was only a matter of time until I thought she was weird. She was right. Let me preface my examples with this, I have nothing¬†against homosexuals. We have tons in our family and I love every single one of them. However, I find it uncomfortable when I get the vibe and they won’t be honest about it, particularly when it’s someone who will see me half-naked throughout the year.

And the warning signs begin...

Example #1
Upon meeting my high school friend for the first time, Judy made at least 30 jokes about us being lesbians. This was after two days of living with her….awkward.

Example #2
Every time she sees a model in an ad, she has to show me and say, “If I was a lesbian, I wouldn’t do her.” Then she goes on to rant about how ugly they are, even Victoria’s Secret models. And girls, let’s be honest. We’re all just jealous of the Victoria’s Secret models.

Example #3 – by far, my favorite

Um... no. Just no.

We were watching the True Blood season finale with a group of girls when my friend said he wanted to come up and hang out. I told him I was busy. So, Judy says, “What if he came up, and one of you was lying naked on the bed, and I was holding a knife above you like this (she demonstrated the move), and it was like… human sacrifice?!” Suffice it to say, no one answered her.

Not only is she a little odd, she is beyond rude to me. I’m trying not to ramble too much, but I do need to impress it upon you what a bitch she truly is. Due to an injury over the summer, I was recommended to drop a class leaving me with 13 credit hours. I am also a photography major. Apparently, these two things left me open to Judy’s criticism.

One day, stressed out from her classes, including Chinese (everyone needs to know she takes Chinese, she’s just THAT smart), she came in and said, “If only I had a simple major like you…” Not only that, but she continually mocks my course load, which I have explained time and time again was due to an injury!

I could continue on, but I’ll save it for a later post. Pretty much, she’s a rude, arrogant bitch who thinks she’s better than everyone else. My diagnosis is that she’s depressed.

Lesson for the Day: Be nice to those around you. Otherwise, they might tear you apart on a blog.


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