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ALL SHE DOES IS SLEEP! BAHHHH! It’s driving me crazy.

Oh, I'm so deep and thoughtful and philosophic when I drink tea...

I had my first conversation with her since before Thanksgiving at midnight, when she woke up to tell me that she’d be getting up at 6:15 to run. Uh, I call bullshit. And I was correct. Her alarm rang out through the halls and valleys of the south for straight forty-five minutes as I clung to sleep. Then she woke up to say, “I’m not going out in this wind”. I get up, get ready, go to class, stay extra long, come back… she’s sleeping. Apparently, she got up at a point because she’s made herself effin’ tea and turned the lights on. She looks like a fifty year old when she drinks tea. Judy just sips slowly, and loudly, and gazes out the window into the mountainous landscape being covered by the slowly rising sun. Bah. Humbug. I can’t take it.

Lesson for the Day: Wake up or GTFO.


In the High Country today, we are experiencing some actual snowfall.

How normal people react to snow.

Now, it’s not exactly sticking to roads, but it’s covering, coating, and lining every tree, shrub, and building. I couldn’t be more excited. I love snow. I’ve always said how cold weather isn’t worth it without snow, and here it is, my beloved. It seems like I’m not the only one with these feelings as I see people everywhere playing, snapping pictures, and making statuses like “SNOW! yay!”

But then there’s Judy. I have still yet to see her conscious since I returned yesterday. I drove through miserable rain and dense fog to find our room dark and gloomy, with her passed out beneath the blankets. I left, dropped my car off, went about my day, and didn’t see her again. I woke up this morning, still no Judy. Then after my 12:30 class, I come back to find her sleeping. I run an errand, prepare myself for my 4:00 class, and return to again find her sleeping.

Usually, her sleep habits while frustrating (I hate living in semi-darkness) don’t bother me too much. But today, I realized something. I can’t live like this all winter. Outside the window, instead of sun pouring through, I find pure gray. In my room, semi-darkness thanks to the light from my desk lamp. I’ve heard that a lot of freshman get depressed and sometimes even transfer out after these months. And I believe it.

Judy's reaction to snow.

My mom had a problem with the winters when we lived in Pennsylvania. It’s a real mood disorder – seasonal affective disorder, aka SAD. I’m sorry, but I cannot stand the thought of suffering from this. I watched my mother, and I don’t want to go through that. Some of the common symptoms are: increased appetite with weight gain, increased sleep and daytime sleepiness, less energy, loss of interest in work or other activities, social withdrawl, unhappiness, and irritability. Uh yeah, that sounds like hell. For me and all those around me. Maybe Judy has it, I don’t know. I’m just afraid her possible depression is going to start rubbing off on me. I don’t want to be SAD. I want to be happy, carefree, focused on studies, etc.

Dear World, whatever shall I do? I want a new roommate, but I love where I live. The girls on this floor  are fun. And I am conveniently placed right next to the bathroom. Should I consider re-assignment? Or tough it out? Hmm… decisions, decisions.

Lesson for the Day: Don’t let weather or people get you down, stay positive. Keep yourself entertained and busy. Focus on those you love and who love you.

Just a quick follow up to last night’s post…

I barely saw her friend for more than a minute before they went and spent their evening in the lobby.

Similar to the real thing, but without the books.

Good news for me. But I was still able to determine that she was weird as all get out. Wanna know how? Oh, yeah. That’s right. When I woke up at 6:30 this morning, there she was… sleeping in Lisa’s desk chair! What is it with people sleeping in that chair?! It’s creepy as hell. See, that’s fine if you’re exhausted in class and you just put your head down. But here, we have an extra mattress. So even if she didn’t want to sleep in Judy’s bed, she could’ve just pulled the mattress out. But no, she chose this bizarre way of resting. Worst part about it? She was in all black so I didn’t see her or Judy at first. The realization that they were in there almost made me pee my pants.

Lesson for the Day: If you insist on sleeping in weird ways, at least where colored clothes so you can be seen in darkness.

My weekend at home did not go as expected; not necessarily a bad thing, but not too good either.

How I feel after this weekend.

First of all, my back still hurts. It feels like standing up straight takes at least five minutes. It doesn’t, of course. But I have to slowly ease myself up like I’m walking for the first time. The muscle relaxers can only do so much. I also ate a ton of junk every single day, so now my stomach feels bloated and just icky. I need to learn how to tell myself that no, I do not need that extra spoonful of chocolate chip cookie dough. As delicious as it appears, the after effects are not great. Due to the previous reasons among others, I found myself being super bitchy and short tempered. It seems when people don’t take my back issues seriously, I snap. But I shouldn’t. I mean, I didn’t take little Miss Pannon Shopoff’s* knee issues seriously, in fact I believed she milked them for all they were worth. I do have to mention that I did overhear her give someone the advice to “milk it, that’s what I did”. Then a day later, her knee brace came out. Just saying. Back to my point, people don’t understand this kinda thing until they’ve been through it themselves, so I need to learn to calm it down. Not everyone is lucky enough to reach old-lady status at eighteen. Last but not least, I got absolutely nothing done on my term paper that’s due Wednesday. Keep in mind, I also have two tests and two group projects to work on. Ugh.

So, pretty much coming back to school was the last thing I wanted to do. But here I am. And as I was sitting there, reading through the library books I got weeks and weeks ago for this paper, I received a text message from my roommate.

Judy: “Do you mind if my friend stays the night?”

Me (in my head): “Yes, I abso-effin-lutely mind. It’s a Sunday night, I feel like shit, and I have a paper to write.”

What I actually said was, “That’s fine as long as you guys aren’t too loud, I have a lot of work to get done and I’m trying to go to bed by eleven-ish.”

Ugh, time to BS a paper.

Then, as I always do, I texted my mom and boyfriend to vent. My mom came up with this great response, “What would you do if lesbo stuff happened?” I laughed so hard, I quickly forwarded it to two of my friends. Amanda’s initial response, “Hahahahahaha. OMG, I thought that was from Judy!”

I died laughing. That text made my night.

Now, I go back to work on my paper with a grin on my face. I love my friends. I love my family. How did I ever get so lucky?! All I have to do is make it through the next two days and I’m home free, quite literally.

Lessong for the Day: Speak your mind. You don’t have to be a bitch, but say what you really think.

*Name changed for sake of privacy, but let’s be honest, we all know who that is.

Ugh. Today has pretty much sucked from the moment I woke up.

Let me give you a brief history lesson on myself…

This is the normal age for disc herniation.

This past summer, three weeks before I would be leaving for college, I woke up in excruciating pain. It appears this was the time that my back would let me catch on to the fact that I have two herniated discs and some degeneration. Lovely. I couldn’t feel my right foot, had shooting pains down my right leg, my lower back was being stabbed repeatedly, and I could barely put my underwear on after I got out of the shower. So we did what anyone else would do and went to the ER. After three different ER visits, I got in to get an MRI and found out about my lovely herniation and degeneration. Then began my doctor visits, I saw a chiropractor and a spine specialist. The spine specialist said to get a cortisone injection in my lower back and if that proved unsuccessful, surgery would be the next step. Now, hold up. An eighteen year old getting back surgery?! With absolutely no key injury leading to this issue? The cause unknown? Basically, unheard of. Every doctor visit I had was met with me eyeing up the elderly or obese who had the same issues of me. Now, I may not be the most confident girl in the world, but by no means was I obese.

Anywho, I’ll stop rambling and get to the point. I found a great chiropractor and went three times a week. My social life completely dropped off, as did my work hours and paychecks. I ended up getting the cortisone injection. As freaked out as I was, a needle in my back wasn’t as horrible as it sounded. Over time, I began to improve.

Move in day arrived and before a single item was taken into my new ‘home’, I went and met my new chiropractor. He was much more aggressive than the lady back at home, and with him I made significant improvements, including regaining strength in my right toes. So much so, I was only seeing him once a week, to every two weeks, but then after he said every three weeks, something happened.

Just to give you an idea...

I had my first major flare-up. Meaning, the pain was back. The pulsating in my right ankle had returned. I felt pins and needles throughout my calf. This past Tuesday, I went and saw him. Upon leaving, I felt much better. And continued to feel great until today.

Today the pain was back. With a vengeance. And that’s when my mom dropped the bomb that no, I was not allowed to go visit my boyfriend but had to come home to see my old chiropractor and possibly the spine specialist again. Yes, I understand I’m eighteen and can say no, but deep down… I know this is what is best for my back. I just hate it.

Lesson of the Day: Take care of your back so one day it doesn’t turn on you and attack. Also, don’t drink excess caffeine without enough water. That can lead to degeneration in your discs.

All this clutter is driving me CRAZY. Who am I?!

I’ve never been a neat freak. Ask my mom, she’ll tell you how disgusting my room got during my high school years. But when I moved into a dorm, something changed. Suddenly, I was OCD about clutter and dirt. Maybe it’s the small space, but I’m painfully aware when things are out of order. Currently, I’m feeling crazy due to the amount of notebooks and random stuff on my desk. It’s unusually cluttered and I’m going nuts. I just vacuumed to ease my stress, and am honestly tempted to get on my hands and knees with clorox wipes. What has come over me?! I think it has something to do with Judy…

This is one of the cleaner times...

Judy is messy, dirty, just gross. She has allergies, so often I find she chooses to leave used tissues in a pile on her desk rather than the trash can five feet away. She waits til her laundry is overflowing to do anything about it. The most disturbing thing I saw was her file her feet on our floor Sunday night. Ladies, I know. We get nasty scale-looking things on our heels sometimes, it just happens. But take care of that shit in private. She was home for the weekend, and she waited to fix her issue when she was back in our dorm. What frustrates me is she never considers cleaning our floors. Never. It’s always up to me. Her clutter tweaks my brain. So I’m sharing it with you all.

Lesson for the Day: When sharing a small living space with a stranger, be respectful and keep it tidy.

This morning I awoke to probably one of the strangest things I’ll ever see.

Around 6:30, a strange alarm went off and woke me up. At first, I was glad that Judy had finally taken my advice and used a cell phone alarm rather than her booming clock alarm. But then I realized, my alarm wasn’t set to go off for another twenty minutes and there is no way Judy would motivate herself to get up before me. So, in my half awake state, I sat up for a second and the sight I saw was… well it will leave a permanent impression. There was Judy, wearing her zebra print snuggies, sitting at her desk chair. A moment later, the sight became clearer. Her legs were perched up on the desk and covered by a blanket, so this was no mistake. For some reason, she had chosen to sleep this way. Neck bent down in a no way comfortable position and legs up. Why? Why is my roommate so bizarre?! Was it that she was too lazy to clear the piles of laundry off her bed? I don’t know.

So, I did what I could and went back to sleep.

Lesson of the Day: Sleep in safe, comfortable positions. Please.